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The Ultimate Guide to Living in Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Guide

Are you considering moving to Denver? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will be covering everything you need to know to help you make the decision of whether Denver, Colorado is a good fit for you or not.

Denver is the capital of the state of Colorado. The city itself makes up over 700,000 of Colorado’s 5.8 million residents. The city was named the second-best destination to live in the United States by the US News & World Report in 2019.

The Complete Guide to Living in Denver, Colorado

In this guide we will be covering the following:

There are links and pictures throughout this guide that will take you to some of our other blog posts that break these topics down even further!

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The Top 35 Neighborhoods in Denver

Denver, Colorado is quickly becoming one of the most popular cities in the nation to move to. There are incredible places to live in the city, and the communities and neighborhoods are amazing. One of the best parts about Denver living is that there are gorgeous Rocky Mountain views everywhere you go.

Browse through Denver’s top neighborhoods below. Feel free to click on any neighborhood you find interesting to see all of the active homes for sale in that area!

Check Out Our Video Breakdown of Denver’s Top Neighborhoods

Denver’s Top 10 Neighborhoods

NeighborhoodMedian Home PricePopulation
1. Platt Park$891,5005,874
2. Virginia Village $552,50014,437
3. Hilltop $1,735,7509,524
4. South Park Hill $742,0009,546
5. Washington Park $1,250,0007,514
6. Washington Park West $875,0007,798
7. Wellshire $935,0003,525
8. Sloan Lake $1,041,0008,189
9. Congress Park $927,00011,475
10. West Highland $805,0009,252

Click here for a full blog post breaking down each of these neighborhoods.

Denver’s Top 11-20 Neighborhoods

NeighborhoodMedian Home PricePopulation
11. Five Points$562,80418,924
12. Hale$665,0007,748
13. University Park$887,0008,156
14. Athmar Park$502,2229,233
15. Harvey Park South$521,20013,338
16. Washington Virginia Valley$426,00014,793
17. City Park West$552,5005,339
18. Montclair $650,2505,739
19. Barnum West$419,8006,145
20. Westwood$359,00017,707

Click here for a full blog post breaking down each of these neighborhoods.

Denver’s Top 21-35 Neighborhoods

NeighborhoodsMedian Home PricePopulation
21. North Park Hill$560,00010,351
22. Capitol Hill$391,25015,853
23. North Capitol Hill$477,0005,823
24. Cherry Creek North$1,940,0008,123
25. Country Club North$1,925,0003,032
26. Cheeseman Park$391,7506,002
27. Belcaro$1,300,00025,367
28. Parkfield$480,0001,801
29. Berkeley$656,0009,198
30. Regis$618,0007,846
31. Lodo$795,00021,145
32. Central Park (Stapleton)$595,0002,162
33. Hampden$390,00020,182
34. Skyland$550,0003,530
35. Baker$600,0006,840

Denver’s Top 11 Luxury Neighborhoods

Check Out Our Video Breaking Down Denver’s Best Luxurious Neighborhoods

Click here for a full blog post breaking down each of these neighborhoods.

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13 Pros and 13 Cons of Living in Denver

Check Out Our Video Breakdown of Denver’s Pros & Cons

There are a lot of pros that come along with living in Denver, Colorado, but to some, there are cons as well. In this guide, we have broken down the top pros and cons of living in Denver to help you decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Check out the 13 pros and cons of living in Denver below.

Pros of Living in Denver, Colorado

  1. Fantastic Neighborhoods & Places to Live
  2. Proximity to the Rocky Mountains
  3. Thriving & Promising Economy
  4. Professional & Competitive Sports Leagues
  5. 4 Distinct Seasons
  6. Full of Adventures
  7. Spectacular Night Skies
  8. Lower Taxes
  9. Affordable Medical Care
  10. Proximity to Great Weekend Getaways
  11. Denver’s International Airport
  12. Highly Rated Schools & School Districts
  13. Unique Restaurants & Dining Areas

Cons of Living in Denver, Colorado

  1. Cost of Living Can Be High
  2. Extremely Competitive Housing Market
  3. Traffic is a Nightmare
  4. High Altitude Living Can Be Tough
  5. Not the Best Public Transportation System
  6. Landlocked City
  7. Can Be Considered a Bland City
  8. Winters Can Be Rough
  9. The Windy Season is Annoying
  10. Skiing, Camping, and the Mountains Can Be Hours Away
  11. Densely Populated
  12. Forest Fires Taint the Air Quality
  13. Drier Than Pheonix

Click here to see our blog post that fully breaks down each and every one of these pros and cons with more details and pictures.

Cost of Living in Denver

Cost of Living in Denver
Cost of LivingDenverColoradoUSA
Median Home Cost$534,100$488.600$291,700

Full blog post coming soon!

31 Reasons to Move to Denver

Denver, also known as the Mile High City, is the capital of Colorado and is often regarded as one of the nation’s best places to live. In fact, tens of thousands of people move to Denver every year.

This article will help you determine if living in Denver, Colorado is a good fit for you by breaking down the top 31 reasons why people move the city. You can see a brief overview of the 31 reasons people move to Denver below. Read on for a full breakdown of each one of these reasons.

31 Reasons to Move to Denver

1. Great Neighborhoods2. Plenty of Job Opportunities3. Vibrant Scenery & Peaceful Lifestyle4. Great Weather All Year Round
5. Fantastic Sports Team6. Amazing Schools & Education System7. Red Rocks Venue & Concerts8. Fun Downtown Area
9. One of the Nation’s Beer Capitals10. Friendly People11. The Great Rocky Mountains12. Affordable Rentals
13. Traffic Could Be Much Worse14. Lots of Recreational Activities15. Health is a High Priority16. Cultural Diversity
17. Diverse Food Scene18. Artful City19. Casinos Nearby20. Elitch Gardens
21. Waterworld22. The Denver Zoo23. Weather Can Change on a Dime24. State Parks Nearby
25. Denver International Airport26. Centralized City27. Rich History28. Great Biking
29. 16th Street Mall30. The Denver Mint31. Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Click here for the full blog post breaking down each one of these reasons to move to Denver, Colorado!

Check Out Our Video Breakdown of the Top Reasons to Move to Denver

31 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Denver

Things you need to know before moving to Denver

Coming soon!

Things to Do in Denver

Things to Do in Denver

Coming soon!

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