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The Ultimate Guide to Living in Aurora, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Guide

Are you considering moving to Aurora? You have come to the right place! In this article, we will be covering everything you need to know to help you make the decision of whether Aurora, Colorado is a good fit for you or not.

Aurora, Colorado is a large Denver suburb that is home to almost 400,000 residents. It is also one of Colorado’s largest cities geographically. There are many different communities and neighborhoods that range in price points, size, and age, so there is something for everyone here!

The Complete Guide to Living in Aurora, Colorado

This is the ultimate guide to seeing if living in or moving to Aurora, Colorado is the right fit for you. We will be covering the following in this guide:

There are links and pictures throughout this guide that will take you to some of our other blog posts that break these topics down even further!

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The Top 14 Neighborhoods in Aurora

NeighborhoodMedian Home Price
1. Tallyn’s Reach $713,500
2. Meadow Hills $315,000
3. Aurora Highlands $410,000
4. Meadowood $425,000
5. Saddle Rock $690,000
6. Heather Gardens $305,000
7. Aurora Hills $420,000
8. Village East $500,000
9. Aurora Knolls $439,000
10. Heritage Eagle Bend $515,000
11. Pride’s Crossing $500,000
12. Sorrel Ranch $556,000
13. Mission Viejo $450,000
14. Summer Valley $396,000

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7 Pros and 7 Cons of Living in Aurora

Aurora, Colorado is one of the state’s largest cities. There are tons of places to live and things to do in the huge Denver suburb. Considering moving to Aurora? You’ve come to the right place! This is the ultimate guide to understanding the pros and cons of living in Aurora. This will help you determine whether or not living here is the right fit for you and your situation.

Pros of Living in Aurora

  1. Great Neighborhoods & Communities
  2. Affordable Housing Compared to Colorado
  3. Unique Shops & Stores
  4. Lots of Entertainment & Restaurants
  5. Proximity to Denver
  6. Thriving Job Opportunities
  7. Proximity to the Denver International Airport

Cons of Living in Aurora

  1. Concrete Jungle
  2. Expensive Housing & Transportation Compared to the Nation
  3. Rapid Growth & Crowding
  4. Terrible Traffic
  5. Expensive Transportation
  6. Poor Air Quality
  7. Far From the Rockies

Click here to go to our blog post with the full breakdown of all of these pros and cons!

Cost of Living in Aurora

Cost of Living in Aurora
Cost of LivingAuroraColoradoUSA
Median Home Price$434,800$488,600$291,700

Full blog post coming soon!

15 Reasons to Move to Aurora

If you’re on the fence on whether or not living in Aurora is the right move for you, check out our breakdown of reasons to move to Aurora below!

Check out our list of reasons to move to and live in Aurora below!

  1. Great Places to Live
  2. Cost of Living
  3. Shopping Malls, Super Markets, & Stores
  4. Restaurants & Parks
  5. Theaters & Venues
  6. Business & Employment
  7. Recreation Centers
  8. Golf Courses
  9. Education System
  10. Proximity to Denver
  11. Moderate Climate with Four Distinct Seasons
  12. Proximity to the Denver International Airport
  13. Medical Care & Hospitals
  14. Transportation System
  15. An Active Lifestyle

Click here for the full blog post on the reasons to move to Aurora.

15 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Aurora

Things you need to know before moving to Aurora

Coming soon!

Things to Do in Aurora

Things to do in Aurora

Coming soon!

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