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The Top 35 Neighborhoods in Denver, Colorado in 2022

Best Denver Neighborhoods

This is an article dedicated to breaking down the best neighborhoods and communities in Denver, Colorado to live in. This information will help you discover what areas in Denver would be a good fit for you, your lifestyle, and your finances.

Denver’s Top 10 Neighborhoods and Places to Live

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NeighborhoodMedian Home PricePopulation
1. Platt Park$891,5005,874
2. Virginia Village $552,50014,437
3. Hilltop $1,735,7509,524
4. South Park Hill $742,0009,546
5. Washington Park $1,250,0007,514
6. Washington Park West $875,0007,798
7. Wellshire $935,0003,525
8. Sloan Lake $1,041,0008,189
9. Congress Park $927,00011,475
10. West Highland $805,0009,252

Denver, Colorado is quickly becoming one of the most popular cities in the nation to move to. There are incredible places to live in the city, and the communities and neighborhoods are amazing. One of the best parts about Denver living is that there are gorgeous Rocky Mountain views everywhere you go.

We will break down each of these top 10 neighborhoods below and explain what makes them such great places to live in! Read on for more information, pictures, insights, and active listings in each of these areas!

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1. Platt Park

Platt Park Denver Homes for Sale

This south-central neighborhood of Denver has been recognized as one of the liveliest places in Denver, Colorado. There are a lot of things in Platt park which are worth moving for.

The Platt Park neighborhood is lined by trees and plants which gives a serene feeling to the community. Platt Park hosts the biggest farmer’s market in the area and is known notoriously for its delicious food and music festivities.

There’s always something happening in this Denver neighborhood. Whether it’s live music concerts or opening ceremonies of new businesses and boutiques, you’ll always have some event to go to!

Platt Park is conveniently located near I-25 which runs across the north end of the neighborhood. Light rail stations are also nearby which makes getting around Denver quick, easy, and affordable. Platt Park is also home to two highest-ranked achieving schools and all of that big city’s enjoyment in a much serener environment.

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2. Virginia Village

Virginia Village Denver Homes for Sale

Virginia Village is another one of the best neighborhoods in Denver. It has a very unique urban and modern feel to it. The Virginia Village area is just 5 miles south of downtown Denver which is a major plus as far as Denver commuting goes.

In comparison to the thrilling lifestyle of Platt park, Virginia Village offers a much calmer and peaceful society to live in. So, if you are looking for a quieter place to move to, Virginia Village might be the right fit! Most of the residents are native to the area which gives the place a safe and trusted environment.

The homes in the community range from old-era-style homes to mid-century to modern-styled homes. So, it is not difficult to find one which suits your interest.

This neighborhood is still under development and a lot of new public-friendly programs have been initiated there. Restaurants, Stores, hotels, offices, and other things have been developed in the area over recent years which is the reason why Virginia Village is back on the list of best neighborhoods in Denver.

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3. Hilltop

Hilltop Denver Homes for sale

Hilltop is often considered one of Denver’s very best places to live. The neighborhood was established in 1941 and is a Denver classic. It is a safe area with highly ranked schools and proximity to Cheery Creek.

The location and lookout of Hilltop is another thing we would like to mention. The area is filled with green-covered streets, amazing parks spread on miles of open space, retail, businesses, food points, and plenty of other entertainment is enough to keep the residents there pleased and active.

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4. South Park Hill

South Park Hill Denver homes for sale

South Park Hill is quite expensive compared to other neighborhoods of Denver but it is known to be a very luxurious place to live if you have the budget. This neighborhood has Grade-A marks for its schools and is ranked among the top 10 safe neighborhoods in Denver County.

South Park Hill is known for its architectural diversity with every house there being eye-catchy as well as giving a modern lifestyle to its residents. With a mixed urban and suburban feel, South Park Hill is home to the many highly rated restaurants. From America’s famous ice parlors to the best pizzerias and Ethiopian style restaurants to live Music Venues like the Bluebird Theater, South Park Hill has every kind of amusement to offer to its residents.

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5. Washington Park

Washington Park Denver homes for sale

Want to enjoy the real Denver feeling? Just go for Washington Park because this neighborhood is the face of Denver with its modern and vintage era feel at the same time.

With 270 acres of free space, Washington Park has held its ground as the largest and most beloved neighborhood for a long time now.

This Denver community is perfect for every age group including old retires and young families looking for the best Denver neighborhood to settle down. The homes there range from Brick Bungalows to early 20th-century Victorian-style homes and from advanced furnished apartments to opulent new builds.
The expansive central park of Washington Park/playground is the most notable thing about Washington which is built to meet the requirement of every age group.

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6. Washington Park West

Washington Park West homes for sale

Last year this Denver neighborhood ranked among the best Denver neighborhoods for the first time. And in 2021, there has been a substantial increase in sales of Bungalows, Cape cods, and Queen Anne Victorian-style homes in Washington Park West

Washington West Park is a perfect Denver neighborhood to settle in, all thanks to its safe housing societies, great schools, and green open spaces.

Once there you will find many other reasons to love the location for Platt Park, Vibrant Bakers, Grocery Stores, and one-of-a-kind restaurants.

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7. Wellshire

Wellshire Denver homes for sale

With High Line Canal Hiking and Biking trails rounding the public Golf course, Wellshire gives a perfect suburban feel to its residents while still being in the state’s capital.

Platt Park and the University of Denver are located very close to Wellshire which gives a lively city-life touch to the community.

A bit of downside about Wellshire is that it lacks restaurants, unlike other Denver neighborhoods. So, you have to either visit Platt Park or Englewood nearby for dining. Considering other facts like safe and secure surroundings, great schools, golf course, and High Line Canal trails this downside can be ignored because the other amazing neighborhoods like Englewood and Platt Park are just a few minutes’ drive where you can find a lot and lot of amusing stuff to do and great places to eat.

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8. Sloan Lake

Sloan Lake Denver homes for sale

Sloan Lake is Denver’s second-largest park and is home to the second-largest body of water in the city. Located at the western border of the city this neighborhood is an ideal reprieve from the hustle of downtown Denver which is just miles away.

From 1920 brick bungalows to Tudor ranches and modern-day townhomes Sloan Lake boasts almost every kind of house to pick from.

One of the main attractions of Sloan Lake is the biggest Dragon boat Festival of Denver County which is held there every year in July. Thousands of tourists and locals attend this incredible event.

Swimming, boating and skiing, fishing, bird watching, public tennis courts, biking, hiking, and a number of sports fields are some of the activities that you can do in this community.

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9. Congress Park

Central Park Denver homes for sale

This neighborhood of Denver is ideal for those looking for a place to live with an urban feel that still has lots of trees and vegetation. Congress Park has leafy streets throughout the neighborhood which offers a serene and quiet environment to its residents.

Diversity in home styles can also be seen in Congress Park and you can easily find various styles of single-family homes like Queen Annes and stunning Bungalows.

Commuting in Congress Park is easy thanks to the bike lanes along the East Avenue Parkway, 12th Avenue. There are also plenty of bus stops.

The schools in Congress Park are also worth noting because they provide great education to the children of residents. One school in Congress Park named Teller Elementary School has been ranked top ratings of Denver’s best schools.

Aside from education and homes, Congress Park also offers an ideal entertaining environment to its residents. 12th Avenue corner and Madison Street are known as the hub of food and drinks. Dozens of sports fields including Tennis courts, Basketball courts, and the Denver Botanic Gardens are also the main attractions of Congress Park.

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10. West Highland

West Highland Denver homes for sale

West Highland used to be one of the best and fastest-growing neighborhoods in Denver but last year the city’s growth lower a bit due to a high rise in home prices.

Putting pricing aside though, West highlands is everything a homeowner could ask for. From Modern Style Homes to Victorian houses and from Craftsman Bungalows to amazing apartments and Single-Family Homes, West Highland has everything to offer to all sorts of walks of life.

Highlands Square is the main point here with all the commerce happening. A diverse range of cuisines, pubs, and bars are also available to make the place a pleasant place to live in.

The West 29th and 35th Avenues have great bike lanes that lead to a grocery store, two schools, and a popular town square. Everything you’d need is right there for you. Other top Denver neighborhoods are very close by like Highland to the east and Berkely to the North.

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Denver’s Top 11-20 Neighborhoods

NeighborhoodMedian Home PricePopulation
11. Five Points$562,80418,924
12. Hale$665,0007,748
13. University Park$887,0008,156
14. Athmar Park$502,2229,233
15. Harvey Park South$521,20013,338
16. Washington Virginia Vale$426,00014,793
17. City Park West$552,5005,339
18. Montclair $650,2505,739
19. Barnum West$419,8006,145
20. Westwood$359,00017,707

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We will break down each of these top 11-20 neighborhoods below and explain what makes them such great places to live in! Read on for more information, pictures, insights, and active listings in each of these areas!

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11. Five Points

Five Points Denver homes for sale

Five Points is ranked among the most active areas in Denver. With lots of new projects in development, Five Points is well on its way to being Denver’s next hottest place to live.

Apartments, bike lanes, unique restaurants, new parks, and many other attractions are in progress and soon will bring a large influx of new residents to the community. Now is a good time to buy here because when that happens house prices are sure to rise!

Five Points has schools that rank very high and the community has an abundance of art galleries, live music venues, restaurants, bars, and many other forms of entertainment!

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12. Hale

Hale Denver homes for sale

The demand for living in the Hale has increased over the years due to the progress in businesses and apartments there. The bustling 9th and Colorado development is another reason for the increased interest of people.

Tudors, brick bungalows, ranches, modern-style homes, and furnished apartments are among the diverse housing styles residents can choose from. The houses in Hale are less expensive than the other neighborhoods in Denver which is another reason why many homeowners move there.

Henry S. Lindley Park is nicely built for the residents to enjoy. Tennis courts, basketball courts, softball courts, and other playgrounds are open for public use.

Access to downtown Denver has been made easy thanks to East Colfax Avenue and East 12th Avenue. The morning teas in Hale are very famous and people love to go out in the early for delicious breakfasts and brunches. And now just recently AMC has opened its new Colorado Theater there and residents are loving it.

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13. University Park

University Park Denver homes for sale

Across South University Boulevard, University Park has some of Colorado’s best dining options. The restaurants, bars, and other local Cafes offer incredible breakfasts and menus to the residents of University Park.

The Denver Astronomical Society hosts public nights where locals can look up to the moon and other celestial movements closely via 28-foot-long Alvan Clark-Saegmuller refracting telescope. COVID has put those events on hold but we are anticipating that they will start back up soon!

In University Park, you can find the new build homes and mid-century Tudors, Single Family Homes, and Brick Bungalows. University Park is located at the east of the University of Denver and is home to people of all sorts of lifestyles and backgrounds. The Observatory park is the most popular place for locals to gather where they can stroll on miles of green spread all around.

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14. Athmar Park

Athmar Park Denver homes for sale

Commonly considered among the top 25 neighborhoods in Denver, Athmar Park sits rectangularly between I-25 and South Federal Boulevard. Athmar Park is also home to the popular Pacific Ocean Marketplace.

There has been a 17% rise in the home sale prices in recent years but still, the Athmar neighborhood is affordable and is cheaper than the majority of other Denver neighborhoods.

Athmar Park is rich in diverse food menus. Unique restaurants offer Mexican, Chinese, American, and almost all kinds of food residents could hope for. Breweries are also available in diverse ranges. You can find Denver’s best beer in Athmar Park. Eron Johnson Antiques is a very popular furniture showroom there and most people look up this showroom to buy the furniture.

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15. Harvey Park South

Harvey Park South Denver homes for sale

Harvey South park is located at the far south corner of Denver and is nearer to Lakewood and Englewood neighborhoods than it is to downtown Denver. All four schools of Harvey Park South are above average and high-achieving schools in Denver.

The Harvey Park South is an amazingly built neighborhood with its streets in curving shapes instead of the usual grid shapes. The two parks in Harvey Park South are also built perfectly to meet the needs of residents. Bear Creek is a very popular park in the area.

The eateries here are not as well known as others in some of the Denver neighborhoods we have previously mentioned, but still offer good food for locals. The main restaurants include Gallo Italian Supper Club and Bakery, Steak House 10, and Kaladi Coffee Roasters. The Breweries selection is very good in Harvey Park South with Dead Hippie Brewing offering delicious drinks and beers.

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16. Washington Virginia Vale

Washington Virginia Vale Denver Homes for sale

Washington Virginia Vale is one of Denver’s neighborhoods where home prices are quite low and residencies are very affordable.

There are lots of trees and vegetation in Washington Virginia Vale, so it is perfect for those who want to live in Denver and in the proximity of nature at the same time.

The eateries in Washington Virginia Vale have a fair share of Denver’s best food points. From European to Russian restaurants, almost all kind of food is available in this neighborhood. There are also great schools to choose from.

Frances Weisbart Jacobs Park, CJ Burns Park, and Garland Park are the main attractions for the locals. Overall, the Washington Virginia Vale covers all the aspects of a perfectly build a place to move in, especially for its lower price point!

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17. City Park West

City Park West Denver homes for sale

City Park West gives you an Urban feel while still being lush with vegetation. It is a combination many people are searching for in a community. East High School is the only school in the neighborhood and its architecture is the masterpiece in the whole neighborhood.

From the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to the Denver Zoo to nearby music venues of Bluebird theater and amazing restaurants, City Park has all kinds of entertainment to offer.

Also, some views from City Park West are just picture perfect. For example, the Mile High City can be seen from the backside of the Denver Museum. This can give you a perfect shot of the Denver Skyline and mountain ranges.

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18. Montclair

Montclair Denver homes for sale

One of the oldest districts of Denver is no other than Montclair which was established there in 1888. You can easily find Victorian homes, Queen Annes, mid-century Ranch, and Tudors in Montclair. Also, the bungalows and homes here are a bit spacious and bigger than the usual homes. So, it is a major advantage you will get nowhere in Denver except Montclair.

With multiple bike lanes, perfectly build family parks, and community gardens Montclair is an ideal Family-oriented place. Montclair is also home to Denver’s oldest garden known as City Floral where all kinds of plants, vegetables, and lawn decorations are available. This neighborhood of Denver is another one to offer wide menus to its residents.

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19. Barnum West

Barnum West Denver Homes for sale

Barnum West is usually not one of the top neighborhoods to be considered by homebuyers because it is an outlying community. However, Barnum West is a very reliable and safe community to relocate to.

Its elementary schools are well-ranked by Denver’s best educational institutes rankings. There have been a lot of construction and developmental projects going on in Barnum West focusing on building pedestrian safety, cultural offerings, and more amenities for locals. The Weir Gulch Park and Weir Gulch trail are also great areas where residents spend time in.

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20. Westwood

Westwood Denver homes for sale

Looking for the most affordable neighborhood in Denver? Then Westwood should be a community that you consider!

Recently, there has been a spike in the already rising sales of Westwood which is an advantage for the district as a lot of people are moving there due to its hot, yet affordable market.

You will find an abundance of some of the best Mexican and Latin American food in Colorado in this area. There are also some top-notch Asian restaurants as well.

Westwood is known for its brightly colored buildings and unique architecture. With a lot of things still under development, Westwood is going to be another hot neighborhood of Denver in the coming years.

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Denver’s Top 21-35 Neighborhoods

NeighborhoodsMedian Home PricePopulation
21. North Park Hill$560,00010,351
22. Capitol Hill$391,25015,853
23. North Capitol Hill$477,0005,823
24. Cherry Creek North$1,940,0008,123
25. Country Club North$1,925,0003,032
26. Cheeseman Park$391,7506,002
27. Belcaro$1,300,00025,367
28. Parkfield$480,0001,801
29. Berkeley$656,0009,198
30. Regis$618,0007,846
31. Lodo$795,00021,145
32. Central Park (Stapleton)$595,0002,162
33. Hampden$390,00020,182
34. Skyland$550,0003,530
35. Baker$600,0006,840

Click on the neighborhoods above to see active homes for sale in those communities!

We will break down each of these top 21-35 neighborhoods below and explain what makes them such great places to live in! Read on for more information, pictures, insights, and active listings in each of these areas!

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21. North Park Hill

North Park Hill Denver Homes for sale

With 23rd Avenue to the North, Colorado Blvd. to the West, and Quebec Street to the East, North Park Hill is one of the liveliest neighborhoods of Denver. It was built in the 1900s so it is filled with tons of classic homes, most of which have had lots of remodels done to keep them up to date and modern. The homes are also quite affordable as far as Denver standards go!

McAuliffe International School is located in the charming neighborhood of North Park Hill. The average size of ranches, brick bungalows, condos, and single-family homes can be found in abundant numbers in this neighborhood of Denver.

The commuting here is also quick and easy thanks to the East 23rd and East 26th Avenues as well as Martin Luther King Boulevard. The best thing is that all of this makes it easy to pedal West of the City Park and Downtown. The

North park hill is a perfect combo of quiet and fun. The flavors of France, North Africa, and the Middle East can be enjoyed in the amazing restaurants of North Hill park. The famous Spinelli’s Market is a popular place to shop.

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22. Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill Denver homes for sale

Want to live in a place where it feels like you are in an old Bohemian era? Then Capitol Hill is a good fit for you. The whole neighborhood is dotted with several old yet amazing Mansions which give a classic and fancy feel to the neighborhood.

Molly Brown House Museum of Capitol Hill is the main attraction there which is basically an old Victorian-era home decorated with old art paintings, and furnished with antique Colorado items.

Capitol Hill has ranked among the liveliest places in Denver all thanks to its hustling bustling coffeehouses, restaurants, hip-hop bars, and aesthetic line, Avenue 13. Another thing that locals of Capitol Hill love to brag about is St. John Cathedral standing there in all its glory, giving off more of an old-era vibe.

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23. North Capitol Hill

North Capitol Hill Denver Homes for sale

Most people call this neighborhood an exact copy of Downtown Denver and even nicknamed it “Uptown Denver”. Wondering why? This is due to the area’s entertainment, business, and commerce going on there. North Capitol Hill is experiencing its best years nowadays and house sales are at their peak. With an abundance of Queen Annes, bungalows, mansions, Tudors, and ranches, North Capitol Hill has what you’re looking for!

Chill and Thrilly Cafes, famous Denver eateries, convenience stores, and Denver’s famous institution, Steuben’s, make up a lot of the things to do in North Capitol Hill. The D-Bar there holds the highest rank among the best eateries of North Capitol Hill. Also, the famous chef Keegan Gerhard, and Lisa Bailey’s perfect pastries and bakery items are available 24/7. Two of Denver’s popular music Avenues, Fillmore Auditorium and Ogden theater, lie close to this neighborhood. North Capitol Hill is also known to boast the best spas in Denver.

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24. Cherry Creek North

Cherry Creek North Denver homes for sale

Known for its vibrant shopping and incredible luxury homes, Cherry Creek North is one of Denver’s highest regarded neighborhoods and communities to live in. The neighborhood of Cherry Creek North holds the badge of Denver’s premium outdoor retail as well as is popular as the dining destination of the United States and Denver.

The Cherry Creek Mall boasts dozens of stores and the plenty of high-end fashion boutiques are living evidence that Cherry Creek market is really active and high as compared to other Denver neighborhoods.

Cherry Creek’s every corner is home to something amusing. Almost every street in the neighborhood houses either eateries and chic cocktail bars or relaxed cafes and famous art galleries.

Cherry Creek’s school district is considered the best in the whole state of Colorado.

With this market and dealings going on commerce and businesses are active in Cherry Creek which is the main reason why people move in here. Homes prices are extra high here just because it is Cherry Creek. You will find some of the best luxury homes in all of Colorado here.

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25. Country Club North

Country Club North Denver homes for sale

Country Club North is not for everyone due it its incredibly high home prices. Country Club North is the most expensive neighborhood of Denver to live in.

The Country Club is home to the city’s most famous architects where most of the houses were built in the early 1940s. Here the old Mediterranean-style homes are easily available. An expansive Golf Club and easy access to Downtown Denver are other advantages you can get while living in the Country Club North.

Cherry Creek Park, Cheeseman Park, and West Park are easy to access. This Denver neighborhood boasts some of the most expensive and best food spots in Denver. Some of the best spots are the Fruition Restaurant, Satchel’s on 6th, Novo Coffee, Buzz Café, and Forget Me Not Cocktail lounge.

The Children’s Hospital Colorado is also located in country Club North which is the best hospital in Denver. The Lark is a famous marketplace and is loved by locals where they can buy any kind of furniture ranging from ancient to modern style. In short, the money you will pay to live in Country Club is kind of worth the lifestyle you will get there.

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26. Cheeseman Park

Cheeseman Park Denver homes for sale

Cheeseman Park is one of the smallest yet liveliest of Denver neighborhoods and is full of beautiful places to spend your time.

Cheeseman Park is perfectly managed to give a stunning lifestyle to its residents. With streets covered with plants and dramatic neo-classical pavilions, Cheeseman Park is home to the best Botanical Gardens in Denver.
Condominiums, Apartments, and Mansions can be found in Cheeseman Park, but most of the homes are single-family homes.

One of the many amazing events of Denver is held in Cheeseman park every year in the summer, the Summer Concert Series, and is located in the Denver Botanical Gardens.

The eateries and breweries are comparable to Denver’s other neighborhoods. Squire Lounge and Lion’s Liar Lounge are the most common beer spots residents go to. The best restaurants and cafes in the Cheeseman Park area are Thump Coffee, Voodoo Doughnut, Liks Ice Cream, Ice Cream Riot, Tortas Grill, Pete’s Kitchen, etc.

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27. Belcaro

Belcaro Denver homes for sale

Belcaro is regarded as the gem of Denver. Most of the houses are ranch-style homes with sizable lots with streets covered in vegetation, which gives a serene vibe to the whole neighborhood.

In the north of Belcaro, you will find a private housing section, Polo Grounds, which boasts the expensive-looking mega-mansions, Tudors, Greek and Gothic Revivals, all surrounded by giant stone walls.

Quaint shops nearby are the main attractions in Belcaro. This is one of Denver’s more luxurious areas with the housing prices being in the millions.

A historic attraction in the community is Phipps Mansion. The wonderful Flowers Market and Osaka Sushi are also highly regarded in the Belcaro neighborhood.

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28. Parkfield

Parkfield Denver homes for sale

Parkfield is an apartment located at 16199 Green Valley Ranch Blvd. Denver, Colorado, United States. Parkfield lies in proximity to Denver’s #1 school district and that’s why its demand never going to lower.

The apartment of Parkfield is just 11 minutes from the Community College of Aurora as well as the University of Colorado Denver which is another thumbs up to the society. The commute to Denver’s international airport is not bad at all, making Parkfield one of the best places in Denver to live if you travel a lot.

The amenities you will get while living in Parkfield are Wi-Fi at the Pool and Clubhouse, a Business Center, Recycling, Pet Play Area, Clubhouse, Fitness Center, a Package Service, Grill, Spa, etc.

Parkfield is a six-minute drive from Sand Creek Regional Gateway, a five-minute drive to Morrison Nature Center, a 10-minute drive to Bluff Lake Nature Center, and a 9-minute drive to Del Mar Park.

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29. Berkeley

Berkeley Denver homes for sale

With a dense suburban feel, Berkeley is one of the best neighborhoods in Denver, all thanks to its perfect location. Berkeley is home to two lakes and boasts walking and biking trails, playgrounds, and multiple picnic spots. You are never short of space and outdoor fun in Berkeley.

The main attractions of Berkeley include the Lakeside Amusement Park, which features a Wooden Roller Coaster and a miniature railway. The famous Tennyson street is dotted with fashion boutiques, great eateries, and an oriental theater which is an old-school Musical Venue for movies and live music.

Every style of house is available in Berkeley so you are bound to find something you are interested in!

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30. Regis

Regis Denver homes for sale

Located at Denver’s northwestern-most corner, Regis is a spectacular neighborhood. Regis is more affordable in comparison to Berkeley to the south and most other Denver neighborhoods.

Although it shares the name with the Colorado university called Regis University, there are no other schools in this neighborhood of Denver. Regis shares its borders with Harlan Street in the west, Clear creek to the northwest, 52th Avenue and the northern border of the famous Regis University campus, and highway I-70 to the south.

The restaurant section in the Regis is very enjoyable to residents and visitors. The pastries, lunches, and breakfast points are more famous than any other food points.

Willis Case Golf Course in Regis is known as the most difficult course in Denver to play at. The Clear Creek Trail is a biking trail that rounds around Regis’s northwest edge and gives a stunning view to the bikers. The inspiration point park is another main attraction of Regis which blooms with flowers of all colors in spring.

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31. Lodo

Lodo Denver homes for sale

If you want to experience Denver’s downtown area every day, then you should consider making the move to Lodo. Known for its hustling bustling market and shopping areas Lodo is one of those neighborhoods which boasts the hottest markets in Denver.

Larimer Square, a historic block with royal Victorian buildings houses splendid boutiques, sleek restaurants, and some of the best bar lounges in Denver.

Larimer Square is the most-lively place in the Lodo where locals love to gather every evening or for nights out. Union Station lies next to Lodo, which is an amazing arts-style transport station, and also has a lot of the best eateries and drinking spots.

In the summer, the festivals there are the main attractions especially the concerts and weekly farmer’s markets. Also, it is said that there’s no place like Lodo when it comes to baseball season. Coors Field is worth visiting place in Lodo as well as National Ballpark Museum. The houses range from Condominiums to townhomes to multi-family homes.

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32. Central Park (Formerly Stapleton)

Central Park and Stapleton Denver homes for sale

Within the city limits of Denver, City Park, previously known as Stapleton, is located to the east of Downtown Denver. Central Park is known as the Largest residential neighborhood in Denver.

Almost over 100 business owners have found their home in Central Park which makes the commerce there highly active and growing with time.

Diverse kinds of houses can be found. Whether you are looking for modern-style homes in a city-like setting or you prefer living in an urban area, Central Park has everything to offer to you.

The amenities here are also worth bragging about with many parks, trails, and gyms. Central Park has areas specific for each kind of outdoor activity. The locals there love the dog park in Central Park. 29th Avenue street is the most roaring place in Central Park where you can find varieties of cuisines and bars.

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33. Hampden

Hampden Denver homes for sale

The Hampden area has multiple trails for walking and biking, plenty of sports fields, dozens of open space parks like the famous Bible Park, and many other outdoor attractions.

Hentzell Park, Cherry Creek Park, and Babi Yar Memorial Park are some of the many other popular parks of Hampden. The homeowners in Hampden typically work in the nearby Denver Tech Center which is counted among the major employers of Denver.

In Hampden, you will find the two famous, Delis named New York Deli News and Bagel Deli & Restaurant. Yak & Yeti is another popular and delicious restaurant in Hampden.

The area is also home to the city’s two amazing movie theaters, Regal Cinemas Continental 10, and Elvis Cinema. Another interesting spot in Hampden is the King’s Escape Room which is worth visiting if you want to play amazing brainy games.

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34. Skyland

Skyland Denver homes for sale

You may have never heard about Skyland when it comes to the best neighborhoods of Denver. It definitely deserves more recognition when it comes to top Denver neighborhoods. It lies adjacent to City Park and other northern neighborhoods.

The retail, home sales prices, parks, entertainment, and almost everything there makes this neighborhood ideal for many different lifestyles.
Skyland borders the bike lanes and City Park’s Golf Course which is ranked among the best golf course in Denver.

The Plimoth’s seasonal menu is something residents and visitors come to enjoy no matter where they live in the whole city. Also, Rivers and Roads Coffee just across Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. offers a delicious and popular selection of drinks. Denver Zoo and Denver Museum of Arts and Nature nearby are the main attractions in Skyland.

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35. Baker

Baker Denver homes for sale

Looking for one of Denver’s hippest neighborhoods to move to? Baker has got your back. Baker is bordered by 6th Avenue, Mississippi Avenue, Lincoln Street, and the South Platte River. This neighborhood is counted among the most diverse and dynamic of Denver’s neighborhoods.

You will find a diverse range of homes in urban settings, proximity to Broadway’s Main street development, historic homes, multiple fine and cozy dining areas, and easy access to transportation. These are just some of the advantages of living in the Baker area.

The main attractions including late-night music and dancing venues, casual brewpubs & bars, and Art Deco Mayan Theater are checking out as well!

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