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The Top 11 Neighborhoods in Littleton, Colorado in 2022

Best Littleton Neighborhoods to Live in

This is an article dedicated to breaking down the best neighborhoods and communities in Littleton, Colorado to live in. This information will help you discover what areas in Littleton would be a good fit for you, your lifestyle, and your finances.

The Top 11 Neighborhoods in Littleton, CO

NeighborhoodMedian House Price
1. Grant Ranch $625,000
2. Sterling Ranch $800,000
3. Old Littleton $588,000
4. Shadycroft Acres $1,795,000
5. Mountain Rangeview $1,400,000
6. Ken Caryl $480,000
7. Roxborough $700,000
8. Columbine $575,000
9. Polo Reserve $2,700,000
10. Southpark $495,000
11. Chatfield $508,000

The beautiful city of Littleton, Colorado is found a couple of miles south of downtown Denver. Littleton is an older suburb of the Denver metro area. It is also one of Colorado’s largest suburbs geographically and each part of this marvelous city has unique features and different styles of homes.

Littleton is home to over 50,000 people and gives an enchanting mountain view that is not frequently found in suburbs. If you’ve been considering making the transition to Littleton, there are many significant areas to browse. Read on to see the top neighborhoods in this Colorado city.

Continue reading for the full breakdown of each of these top Littleton neighborhoods!

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Browse through some of Littleton’s top listings

Watch the Video Breakdown of These Top 11 Neighborhoods Here

Littleton is comprised of numerous developments and there is genuinely something for everybody, despite your income level or lifestyle. The most well-known neighborhoods in Littleton are Old Littleton, Shadycroft Acres, Mountain Rangeview, Ken Caryl Ranch, Grant Ranch, and Sterling Ranch. Old Littleton in the downtown area is one of the best Littleton neighborhoods because of its historical charm. Shadycroft Acres and Mountain Rangeview are affluent, luxurious neighborhoods if you’re searching for more extensive properties.

Continue reading to get the full breakdown of each of these top Littleton neighborhoods!

1. Grant Ranch

Grant Ranch Homes

Grant ranch has a feel rural feel to it while still being close to the city. It is intended to meet nearly everybody’s requirements in a home. Offering late 1990’s to mid-2000’s single-family homes with great perspectives on the lake, gated networks, deck homes, and even retirement townhouses, there is a possibility for nearly everybody.

There are lots of things to do in this Littleton Neighborhood! The Marston Lake zone is home to the familiar Southwest Plaza shopping center, Raccoon Creek Golf Course, and Marston Lake, which offers a bounty of water activities. Likewise, it is notable for the Grand Ranch ace arranged local area and the Riverwalk townhouse and condos. The family-friendly local area includes many parks, and jungle gyms and is only a short drive from Denver.

Browse some of the neighborhood’s top listings

2. Sterling Ranch

Sterling Ranch Homes

Sterling Ranch is one of Littleton’s newest and coolest neighborhoods. If you are looking to live in a newer and sleeker community, then you should definitely look into Sterling Ranch.

This area has a wealth of home styles from custom homes to pre-assembled, eco-friendly single-family homes and apartments. The development was intended to squeeze into Colorado’s everyday landscapes and legacy. This is one of the best places to live if you love going on trail walks because Sterling Ranch is close to over 30 different trails!

Sterling Ranch is also located less than 10 minutes away from Chatfield State Park, which offers all sorts of trails, camping, and lake activities.

Browse some of the neighborhood’s top listings

3. Old Littleton

Living in Littleton Colorado

This is classic Colorado living. Old Littleton is one of Colorado’s communities that pioneered the state’s other suburbs. If you love classic, older-style homes with huge trees and backyards, then this area might be perfect for you.

The vast majority of the downtown area neighborhoods mirror the town’s unique feel, so they will generally be older, grounded neighborhoods. Old Littleton best mirrors the charm, with many of the first houses tracing back to the mid-1900s. Despite the age, this neighborhood is one of the more pursued spots to purchase a home in the Denver Metro area. Due to its historical homes, the prices on average are higher than in other areas.

Downtown Littleton is full of vintage shops and restaurants that you are bound to fall in love with!

Browse some of the neighborhood’s top listings

4. Shadycroft Acres

Littleton Homes For Sale

Large numbers of different neighborhoods were constructed between the ’50s and ’80s, like Shadycroft Acres. This Littleton neighborhood is full of luxurious homes that sell for millions. If you have the budget and want to invest in a classic Colorado luxury home, then we definitely recommend this community!

Browse some of the neighborhood’s top listings

5. Mountain Rangeview

Littleton Homes For Sale

Mountain Rangeview is another luxury neighborhood in Littleton, Colorado. These extravagant homes are ideal for families searching for a great, safe, and fancy spot to call home. If you’re looking for large homes on large properties this could be a great investment for you!

If you like a good morning run, the streets here are protected with many old trees coating your direction. The neighborhood is additionally a short drive from a large number of Littleton’s business and commercial regions. It isn’t a far drive at all to the Denver area either!

Browse some of the neighborhood’s top listings

6. Ken Caryl

Ken Caryl Ranch Homes

Ken Caryl Ranch is one of the best neighborhoods in Littleton for families. It is arranged at the foot of the mountains, offering occupants huge conveniences, including sports offices, an equestrian focus, a pool, and hiking trails.

Ken Caryl is a very large area with a population of 34,040. Ken Caryl is in Jefferson County and is easily one of Colorado’s best spots to live. In Ken Caryl, there is a lot of parks. The state-funded schools in Ken Caryl are also very highly rated!

The Ken Caryl area is the western part of Littleton, lining the lower regions toward the west. It will, in general, be the most pursued locale because of its nearness to the mountains and simple admittance to C-470, which makes driving a breeze. The area has a long history tracing back to 1859 when it was only the Bradford/Perley House Inn and an expressway; however, it is a solid family-friendly area, named after the Ken Caryl Valley neighborhood.

Ken Caryl Valley is a vast area set at the base of the lower regions. John and Virginia Shaffer were the authors of the local area in 1914 and named it after their children, Kent and Carroll. Homes in the neighborhood will, in general, be above and beyond a half-million-dollar with best-in-class upgrades. The Ken Caryl HOA gives residents great conveniences, including local area pools, lots of trails, a wellness office, clubhouse, parks, tennis courts, and an equestrian place.

Browse some of the neighborhood’s top listings

7. Roxborough

Littleton Homes For Sale

Broadly known for Roxborough State Park, the area is home to delightful red-rock developments that mirror those found at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs and those at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison. The area is the most southern piece of Littleton and flaunts a bounty of trails, open space, and natural life. Property holders have great views without following through on the premium costs of downtown Denver neighborhoods.

Roxborough neighborhoods are comprised of more current, custom-constructed homes. Ravenna is a great representation, with luxurious custom homes arranged in a gated golf local area. The house at Ravenna of The Club is an elite golf club that sits on title fairways. Ravenna gives residents lovely mountain sights and offers a line with the Pike National Forest.

Roxborough Park is one more gated local area comprised of custom homes situated close to Roxborough State Park. It is a beautiful, family-friendly neighborhood that offers adequate freedoms for outdoor exercises, like boating, fishing, and cross-country skiing.

Browse some of the neighborhood’s top listings

8. Columbine

Littleton Homes For Sale

The Columbine area is, in general, a moderate area with family-friendly developments like Columbine Knolls, Columbine Hills, and Stony Creek. Chatfield Bluffs is one of the more well-known neighborhoods that offer townhouses, single-family homes, and apartments. It’s popular because of its vicinity to C-470, the Botanical Gardens, and Chatfield Lake.

Situated in the southeastern piece of Littleton, zip code 80128 offers different sporting exercises for residents. The most well-known is Chatfield Lake, with miles of trails and water sports like boating and swimming. The Columbine Sports Park offers volleyball courts, baseball fields, and excursion covers. Cooley Lake likewise sits in the Columbine area for boating and fishing.

Browse some of the neighborhood’s top listings

9. Polo Reserve

Littleton Homes For Sale

Polo Reserve is a fantastic luxurious area lining Cooley Lake and the Columbine Polo Club. Most homes available to be purchased in Polo Reserve have a sticker price well of over a million dollars. In fact, the grand majority of these homes are in the multimillions. If you have the budget for luxurious homes like these, then there really isn’t any better place to live in Colorado. It’s a great local area for any individual who loves riding, ponies, and the game of polo.

Browse some of the neighborhood’s top listings

10. Southpark

Littleton Homes For Sale

Are you searching for a great area near the light rail and beautiful trails? South Park is a place to be with foremost floor experts, two-story homes, and farm-style homes in Littleton. It’s a protected neighborhood, and the closeness to the southwest light rail line makes it attractive for some people. The closeness to the light rail makes it really easy to get in and out of Denver without having to deal with traffic.

If you are hoping to buy a home near Light Rail and walking trails, look at the SouthPark Neighborhood.

Browse some of the neighborhood’s top listings

11. Chatfield

Littleton Homes For Sale

With more than 1.5 million visitors each year, Chatfield State Park is one of Colorado’s not covered-up treasures. It flaunts a vast artificial lake. The Chatfield Reservoir, just as various more modest waterways, a camping area, an off-chain canine park with some watering openings of its own, a swim beach, areas assigned for grills and picnics, and the sky is the limit from there.

There are tons of subdivisions in this area that are conveniently placed near the lake as well as the Denver Metro area.

Authentic Ranch is located five miles from Chatfield State Park. With a free yearly Colorado State Parks pass given to each home, a-list outside diversion is simply minutes away for experience looking for Sterling Ranch inhabitants and other neighborhoods. They can drive the neighborhood streets or walk/bike there through the close by Highline Canal trail. The vicinity, the perspectives, the outside air — this is the thing that Colorado living is about!

Browse some of the neighborhood’s top listings

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Littleton’s History

Littleton’s history starts like numerous different urban communities in the west – with the Gold Rush. Pike’s Peak Gold Rush brought the city’s originator, Richard Sullivan Little, to the area in 1862. His underlying endeavor was in water system frameworks, yet before long built the Rough and Ready Flour Mill, which turned into the economic establishment of the community. The population developed, and in 1890 the 245 occupants cast a ballot to fuse. Today, Littleton is known for its unspoiled community and notable downtown. The culture of Littleton is laid back, kind, and loaded up with a different community.

The Littleton city limits cover three counties: Arapahoe, Jefferson, and Douglas. The city is conveniently located near the cities of Denver, Englewood, Highlands Ranch, and Greenwood Village. Those living in Littleton today experience a protected, family-accommodating community with a very intimate feel. Littleton is regularly considered one of the safest places in the United States to live and raise a family. There is something for everybody here, particularly if you’re searching for a rural way of life with access to Denver.

Littleton Cost of Living

Is Littleton reasonable? Living in Littleton is just somewhat more costly than in different areas. Living in Littleton requires only 7% more than the average cost of Colorado and 17% more than the rest of the United States. Littleton is exceptionally protected also – the city is more secure than 38% of different urban areas in the United States.

The homeownership rate in Littleton is 60%. The median sale cost for a home in Littleton is $515,250, and the housing market is severe. Homes ordinarily stay on the market for just seven days with different offers. Along these lines, this present time’s an incredible opportunity to get one of the numerous Littleton, CO homes available to be purchased! Imminent occupants ought to hope to browse current farmhouses, present-day condos, and Craftsman-style single-family homes.

Imminent occupants who are not hoping to purchase will not have an issue in Littleton. 40% of owners of houses in Littleton lease their houses, and the usually month-to-month lease in Littleton for an apartment is $1647. Leaseholders can browse lovely multi-unit structures and apartment networks with extraordinary amenities.

Population and Demographics of Littleton, CO

The population of Littleton is 47,035, and it’s developing at a pace of 2.59%. The population in Littleton comprises 81.8% white inhabitants, 1.9% Asian, 1.7% Black, 11.9% Hispanic, and 2.7% blended or other. It’s a knowledgeable community, with practically a large portion of the inhabitants having acquired their Bachelor’s certificate or higher. It’s a more youthful community, with the middle age in Littleton being around 39 years of age.


Littleton is a medium-sized city situated in the state of Colorado. Littleton Hall is one of the largest local areas in Colorado. Where there are 56 constituencies and a population of 48,065. Lodging costs in Littleton are probably the most elevated in the country, albeit real estate costs here don’t come close to real estate costs in the most costly networks in Colorado.

Something fascinating about the economy is that moderately enormous quantities of people worked from their homes: 9.80% of the labor force. While this number might appear to be little generally, as a bit of part of the all-out labor force, this is high contrasted with the remainder of the county. These specialists work in middle-class calling and are regular remote workers who are data-driven. For example, Silicon Valley has enormous quantities of people who work from home. Other at-home specialists might act naturally utilized people who work for independent companies out of their homes.

Although most driving outings in the city are by private automobile, Littleton is pretty uncommon for a city of its size for having a significant number of people who utilize public transportation. For many individuals, the transport assists with getting to and from their jobs each day, which benefits everybody in the Littleton area by lessening traffic and air pollution.

Wasatch Moving Company has some more great information on where to live in Littleton, Colorado.

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