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The Top 11 Neighborhoods in Lakewood, Colorado in 2022

Best Lakewood Neighborhoods to Live in

This is an article dedicated to breaking down the best neighborhoods and communities in Lakewood, Colorado to live in. This information will help you discover what areas in Lakewood would be a good fit for you, your lifestyle, and your finances.

Lakewood’s Top 11 Neighborhoods and Places to Live in

NeighborhoodMedian Home Price
1. Briarwood Hills$550,000
2. White Fence Farm$627,500
3. Green Mountain Village$569,000
4. Crown Hill$600,000
5. Edgewood$335,000
6. Applewood Knolls$762,000
7. Meadowlark Hills$605,000
8. Green Gables$632,000
9. Fox Hollow$700,000
10. Lockwood$600,000
11. Country Village$630,000

Lakewood, Colorado is a large city with 157,935 people and 41 distinct neighborhoods. Lakewood’s housing prices are high compared the most of the country, but they aren’t as high as Colorado’s most affluent cities.

Since this is such a large and popular city to live in, we made this guide to help you determine which Lakewood neighborhood is the perfect fit for you and your situation.

Continue reading to learn everything that you need to know about every one of these great neighborhoods in Lakewood. You’ll find pictures, details, and even current MLS listings in these areas to help you with your search.

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1. Briarwood Hills

Briarwood Hills Lakewood Colorado Homes

Briarwood Hills is a beautiful community in Lakewood. Metropolitan State University of Denver, Auraria Campus, the Community College of Denver, and the University of Colorado Denver are all within a short driving distance of this community.

Types of Homes in This Neighborhood

Briarwood Hills homes are mainly filled with single-family residences. The homes are older, so don’t expect to find new builds here. You can find many different styles and sizes of homes to fit your needs. Although many of the homes have three bedrooms and two bathrooms, some are much larger with up to seven bedrooms.

In today’s market, you can expect to pay around $450,000-$800,000 for a Briarwood Hills home depending on its size and condition.

Browse listings in Briarwood Hills

2. White Fence Farm

White Fence Farm Lakewood Colorado Homes

S Harlan Circle and S Manor Lane in Lakewood are the main streets that border White. Between 1951 and 2009, Remington Houses developed 115 homes in this development,

Schools in this community are Lasley Elementary, O’Connell Middle, and Alameda High School. Just 1.5 miles from this community is the Harvey Park Recreation Center, which includes basketball courts and a gym. Lakewood Heritage Center, a historical park and museum with permanent displays, is just a few miles away from White Fence Farms.

Types of Homes in This Neighborhood

A gated patio is included with each house in White Fence Farm. They feature an open floor plan, soaring ceilings, beautiful hardwood floors, and many windows to let in plenty of natural light. There are lots of large trees and bushes in the neighborhood. The most common housing styles are ranch and two-story homes with 1,550-5,400 square feet.

Some of the houses in this neighborhood are quite large and can have a selling price above $1,000,000, while other single-family residences tend to stay around the $600,000-$800,000 range.

Browse listings in White Fence Farm

3. Green Mountain Village

Green Mountain Village Lakewood Colorado Homes

Green Mountain Village is a beautiful neighborhood located near William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park, Bear Creek Golf Club, and the Fox Hollow Golf Course. It is on the west side of Lakewood.

There are a lot of older homes in this community, so compared to other Colorado communities, single-family residences are much more affordable here, especially for their size. Many of the homes in Green Mountain Village were constructed between 1970 and 1999, so they are established but not too old. However, there are many houses built between 1940 and 1969.

Types of Homes in This Neighborhood

Green Mountain Village real estate consists mainly of medium to large single-family houses with usually three to four bedrooms. It also has apartment complexes and high-rise apartments.

You can expect most of the homes in this neighborhood to sell between $450,000 and $700,000. However, you will find some more affordable than this range while others exceed it. Outliers are dependent on the property’s age, size, and condition.

Browse listings in Green Mountain Village

4. Crown Hill

Crown Hill Lakewood Colorado Homes

The Crown Hill community is right by Crown Hill Lake, which is the centerpiece of Crown Hill Park, a Jefferson County Open Space that stretches from Wheat Ridge to Lakewood in west-central Colorado. Crown Hill Lake is 55 acres in size next to Kestrel Pond, a smaller body of water in the park’s animal refuge.

Types of Homes in This Neighborhood

Homes in this neighborhood are very similar to other Lakewood single-family residences and range from $500,000 to $800,000+.

Browse listings in Crown Hill

5. Edgewood 

Edgewood Lakewood Colorado Homes

Lakewood’s Edgewood neighborhood is a Lakewood classic. Edgewood has 4,453 people and has an average household size of 2.05. It is located in northern Lakewood and has very quick access to Denver.

Types of Homes in This Neighborhood

Edgewood, Lakewood has a variety of houses for sale, including single-family homes and condominiums. Expect to pay somewhere in the $200,000-$450,000 range for condos and $500,000-$750,000 for single-family properties. As usual, size, condition, and age can bring in some outliers.

Browse listings in Edgewood

6. Applewood Knolls

Applewood Knolls Lakewood Colorado Homes

Applewood Knolls is on the northeastern side of Lakewood and is near many lakes, ponds, and parks. The Applewood golf course is also nearby and there is plenty of shopping and restaurants for everyone.

Lakewood’s Applewood Knolls neighborhood is one of the city’s most affluent areas. Applewood Knolls has a population of 1,456 people and has a 2.4 household size. Residents of Applewood Knolls, Lakewood, have a typical family income of $127,689, with a median individual income of $68,261. The median house price in the area is 775,299 dollars.

Types of Homes in This Neighborhood

There are lots of single-family homes, townhomes, and condos in the Applewood area. There are even some sections of Applewood with higher-end homes. No matter what you are looking for you are sure to find it here. Plus, the price points in Lakewood are more affordable than many other Colorado suburbs.

Browse listings in Applewood Knolls

7. Meadowlark Hills

Meadowlark Lakewood Colorado Homes

Meadowlark Hills is a Lakewood neighborhood bordered by the Grand Army of the Republic Highway and Meadowlark Drive. All of the houses in this development are ranch-style, with finished square footage ranging from 1,200 to 3,300 square feet and lots ranging from 8,500 square feet to half an acre. Children from this neighborhood often attend these schools Creighton Middle, South Lakewood Elementary, and Lakewood High School. Many Meadowlark houses were built between 1953 and 1962. The majority of these houses feature a 1-2 vehicle connected or detached garage, with a few of them also including a walk-out basement.

This community is about 2.5 miles from Lakewood Country Club, one of the area’s oldest and greatest clubs with a three-story clubhouse. Meadowlark is approximately 2 miles away from the Lakewood Heritage Center, a historical park and museum with permanent displays.

Types of Homes in This Neighborhood

Meadowlark Hills is a residential area in Lakewood, Colorado, with a diverse range of gorgeous designs, sizes, and prices. Single-family residences often are priced around the $600,000 price point. However, depending on the acreage, age, condition, and size of the home, you will find places much cheaper or much more expensive than that.

Browse listings in Meadowlark Hills

8. Green Gables

Green Gables Lakewood Colorado Homes

Green Gables is a community in Lakewood that is growing rapidly. Many new single and multi-family residences are being built new in 2022. The community is located in southern Lakewood right about Morrison Road. Parks, lakes, and even a recreational center are located nearby.

Types of Homes in This Neighborhood

This newer development has lots of single-family residences, multi-family residences, and condos that were just built recently. There are older homes in the area built around the 1960s and 1970s as well. The older homes are priced around $500,000 while the newer communities are around the $800,000 price point. Multi-family residences are also selling the $500,000s. Older condos are very affordable and sell in the $200,000s and $300,000s.

Browse listings in Green Gables

9. Fox Hollow

Fox Hollow Lakewood Colorado Homes

Fox Hollow is located in Lakewood, between W Morrisson Road and S Oak Way. Homestead Golf Course, which has groomed grounds and various practice facilities are just around the corner from the community. Bear Creek Golf Club is just 1.5 miles from this community, which offers additional diversity and challenging terrain. Fox Hollow Golf Course is only a mile away. Because Bear Creek Elementary, Carmody Middle, and Bear Creek High School are all nearby, children from this neighborhood have quick access to their schools. Bear Creek Green Belt, which is ideal for jogging due to its numerous routes and paths, is only 2.3 miles from Fox Hollow.

Types of Homes in This Neighborhood

Fox Hollow Village is a luxury home neighborhood in Lakewood, Colorado with a wide range of gorgeous designs, sizes, and prices to select from. This community primarily has 2-story and ranch home designs that sit on lots ranging from 8,000 square feet to a third of an acre. The majority of these residences were constructed between 1997 and 2000. Some of these homes include a walk-out basement with a two-three-car connected garage. The square footage of houses for sale in Fox Hollow Village ranges from roughly 3,700 square feet to over 6,500 square feet, with prices ranging from $680,000 to $1,250,000+.

Browse listings in Fox Hollow

10. Lochwood

Lochwood Lakewood Colorado Homes for Sale

Lochwood is a neighborhood in southwestern Lakewood that is within a few miles of multiple different lakes. There are plenty of parks and places to go for walks. The lakes and reservoirs that are nearby are Main Reservoir, Smith Reservoir, East Reservoir, Cottonwood park, and Kendrick Lake Park.

Types of Homes in This Neighborhood

Lochwood is filled with single-family homes that were built before the 2000s. In fact, most of them were built in the 1960s and 1970s. This makes the prices in this neighborhood very affordable compared to other newer areas in the Denver Metro suburbs. Most of these homes have 3-5 bedrooms and typically stay under the $650,000 price point. However, there are some luxury homes in the neighborhood that sell in the millions.

Browse listings in Lakewood Acres

11. Country Village

Country Village Homes For Sale

Country Village is located right above West Morrison Road and next to South Kipling Parkway. The community is located a few miles south of Kendrick Lake, Cottonwood Park, Smith Reservoir, East Reservoir, Jewell Park, and many other beautiful parks and locations. In fact, Hodgson Park is located right within the Country Village community itself. The Bear Creek Greenbelt is located just a touch south of the neighborhood.

Types of Homes in This Neighborhood

Like most Lakewood neighborhoods, Country Village has mainly single-family residences built around the 1960-1990 timeframe. Home prices tend to be around the $500,000-$700,000 range.

Browse listings in Country Village

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Lakewood History and Information

Lakewood’s workforce is made up of both blue-collar and white-collar workers. Lakewood is primarily a city of sales and office employees, as well as managers. People working in office and administrative support (11.99 percent), management professions (11.14 percent), and sales occupations (11.14 percent) are concentrated in Lakewood (10.37 percent ).

It’s also worth noting that Lakewood has more computer and math workers than 95% of the US. Lakewood has a sizable population of young, unmarried, and upwardly mobile professionals despite its small size. It’s an attractive option for other single professionals who are relocating. These young singles will meet many others who are just like them, providing chances for friendships, networking, romance, and fun.

Lakewood’s public transit system is prevalent for its size. The majority of those that use it for their daily commute do so via bus. The benefits for Lakewood include reduced air pollution and traffic congestion. Lakewood has one of the highest educational levels in the country. In Lakewood, 40.91 percent of adults aged 25 and above hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. Only 21.84 percent of adults in the average US town have a bachelor’s or graduate degree.

Lakewood had a per capita income of $38,612 in 2018, which was upper middle income in Colorado and rich in the United States. For a family of four, this translates to an annual income of $154,448. Lakewood, on the other hand, is home to both the rich and the needy.

Lakewood is a city with a varied ethnic population. The residents of Lakewood identify as belonging to a wide range of racial and ethnic groups. The most common race reported by Lakewood inhabitants is White, followed by Asian. Lakewood has a significant Hispanic population (people of Hispanic origin can be of any race). Hispanic or Latino residents make up 22.96 percent of the city’s population. German, Irish, English, Italian, and Scottish ancestry are all important in Lakewood. English is the most widely spoken language in Lakewood. Spanish and Vietnamese are two more significant languages are expressed here.

Best Places has more great information on living in Lakewood, Colorado.

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