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The Top 11 Neighborhoods in Highlands Ranch, Colorado in 2022

Best Highlands Ranch Neighborhoods to Live in

This is an article dedicated to breaking down the best neighborhoods and communities in Highlands Ranch, Colorado to live in. This information will help you discover what areas in Highlands Ranch would be a good fit for you, your lifestyle, and your finances.

There are many great neighborhoods and communities in Highlands Ranch. Here is a list of the city’s top 11 places to live.

Highlands Ranch’s Top 11 Neighborhoods to Live in

NeighborhoodMedian Home Price
1. Westridge $655,000
2. Rock Canyon $785,000
3. Northridge $595,000
4. Eastridge $575,250
5. Verona $522,840
6. Highlands Ranch $637,500
7. Kentley Hills $675,000
8. Backcountry $1,400,000
9. Firelight $600,000
10. Indigo Hills $600,000
11. The Hearth $715,000

Highlands Ranch is one of Colorado’s most popular neighborhoods. It is well known for its incredible mountain views, shopping centers, restaurants, and many recreational activities. There is always something to do and somewhere to be in Highlands Ranch! It is located about 25 minutes away from Denver, making it a great suburb to live in if you spend a lot of time in Colorado’s capital city.

Continue reading to learn more about each and every one of these communities to see which one is the best fit for you, your circumstances, and your budget! The average home prices in this city tend to be well higher than most others in Colorado, but it is for a good reason. Highlands Ranch has a lot of great things to offer.

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1. Westridge

Westridge Highlands Ranch Homes

Westridge is one of the best neighborhoods in Highlands Ranch. It is located near Redstone Park which is a big draw with its fishing pond, sunny tennis court, firefighting soccer field, light softball grounds, playgrounds, and an off-the-shelf dog park. It is the ideal site for outdoor and indoor recreational activities.

The Westridge Rec Center has a gym that offers an indoor running path, an indoor turf field, weight and cardio, and a pair of swimming pools as well as a hot tub. There are thousands of trails from Westridge Pointe that are easily accessible from the Highline Canal Trail.

The Westridge houses are contemporary and are mostly vaulted with open-plan ceilings. Richmond homes and Village Homes have constructed the homes in the Westridge neighborhood.

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2. Rock Canyon

Rock Canyon Highlands Ranch Homes

The Rock Canyon neighborhood is in Highlands Ranch on the very north edge of the County Line Road border. Canyon Ranch is located between C470 and County Line Road, west of Colorado Blvd. The town is gated and has around 200 condominiums in various structures.

The houses were constructed in 1996-1997 and extend between approximately 1,000 and about 1,300 square feet. Many of the top-level condos have roofing ceilings and can often cost a fee for single garages, carports and allocated areas can be parking.

Rock Canyon is close to a variety of shopping opportunities, including Park Meadows Mall, which is located along County Line Road and is just approximately a 10-minute drive away. Other handy shopping areas include the East Ridge shopping center in Highlands Ranch, which has a King Soopers, Whole Foods, and several other shopping and dining options, and is only 8-10 minutes away from the Rock Canyon area.

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3. Northridge

Northridge Highlands Ranch Homes

Northridge is a part of Highlands Ranch which lies south of County Line Road and west of Colorado Boulevard. A summit view parkway acts as a dividing line between Northridge and Southridge of Highlands Ranch. The neighborhood surrounds the Northridge Park open spaces and the popular Sand Creek Park.

Most of the subdivisions of Northridge are very old and houses there date back to 1983-1993, however, there have been many recent additions like the new Tresana Townhome Community which was built there in 2007. This means Northridge is a mixture of both modern and antique kinds of homes.

Most of the older homes offer a lot more space than most of the neighborhoods of Highlands Ranch. So, if you are looking for big and old kinds of houses then give Northridge a look below!

There is a number of recreation centers, sports units, tennis courts, and other places to enjoy in Northridge. Shopping Malls, supermarkets, breweries, and restaurants are also nearby.

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4. Eastridge

Eastridge Highlands Ranch Homes

The neighborhood of Eastridge lies south of C470, west of Lone Tree, and east of Colorado Boulevard which is an amazing location to buy a house. Most of the houses in Eastridge date back to 1987 – 1999 which gives the area an older vibe.

Eastridge is a perfect place to live as it is near to all the best places in Highlands Ranch. The hills of Highlands Ranch are open for hiking for the residents of Eastridge. Also, there are many great restaurants near Eastridge as well as some amazing parks.

The houses in Eastridge are of a different kind. For example, whether you want a simple 2 or 3-bedrooms house, a spacious Condo, big houses with lofts, or villas, you will find everything in the neighborhood of Eastridge.

Just like any other neighborhood in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, prices are so high. Keep that in mind as you browse for your next home in this area!

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5. Verona

Verona Highlands Ranch Homes

The houses in Verona are built with beautiful patios and decks so that you can enjoy the openness and scenery of the Denver mountain ranges and skyline. The condos and houses are built and located in a way that the patios give a full view of the wilderness of Highlands Ranch. The miles of open trails are always open for the residents of Verona for their healthy activities like biking, jogging, walking, and hiking.

The size of houses in Verona ranges from smaller to spacious homes. You can easily find big villas spread over 1,240 to 1,653 square feet or much smaller, cozy-looking homes. You can even get more spacious houses by buying condos that cover the 2,596 to 2,987 square feet of area. The prices of houses range from $400,000-$700,000.

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6. Highlands Ranch Neighborhood

Highlands Ranch Neighborhood

There is a community/neighborhood within the city of Highlands Ranch called Highlands Ranch.

The homes of this neighborhood are modernly built and offer every luxury of high-standard living. There are gyms, shimmering pool areas, clubhouses, business centers, and so much more.

Highlands Ranch also has some of the best-looking houses in the whole city. Like others, this neighborhood of Highlands Ranch also has higher than the average house prices. The Highlands Ranch neighborhood is close to many other famous locations like Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree.

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7. Kentley Hills

Kently Hills Highlands Ranch Homes

If you are looking for Highlands Ranch homes with a lot of open spaces then Kently Hills should definitely be considered. The houses in Kentley Hills are built by different builders which gives the whole neighborhood a lot of diversity.

There are different kinds of homes in Kentley Hills to choose from, but one thing is common in all and that is the open space. The houses in Kentley Hills are spacious and big no matter the house has two bedrooms or four.

The Kentley Hills also offers an open area for its residents to bike, walk, or hike. The trails on mountain ranges are safe and open for hiking. Just like any other Highlands Ranch neighborhood, Kentley Hills also has a number of recreation units, shopping malls, and entertaining places.

Kentley Hills is located in the Southridge area of Highlands Ranch and is an amazing location to settle in with your family. Most of the houses were built between 1990–2000, so they are up to the modern living standards. The price really depends upon the kind of home you are buying and where it is located, but expect to pay anywhere between $500,000-$900,000 for a single-family residence.

Browse some of Kently Hills’ newest listings

8. BackCountry

Backcountry Highlands Ranch Homes

Backcountry at Highlands Ranch is one of the city’s most luxurious neighborhoods, so if you have a large budget this is definitely one of the first places to look!

It is a neighborhood of Highlands Ranch located on the south side of the town, south of Wildcat Ridge, and near the end of Broadway. The BackCountry neighborhood has a lot to offer to its residents. There are numerous greenbelts, trails, and ponds throughout the community, and because of BackCountry’s geographic location, many houses lie along high ridges with excellent views of both the Rocky Mountains and the Denver metropolitan skyline.

Residents can enjoy many trails and parks within the community’s gated entry, but the most distinctive aspect is the Pool and Sundial House, which is more similar to a resort. The pool area has an indoor pool, hot tubs, fire pits, and a snack bar where you can relax and enjoy the landscape. The Sundial House is the community center, which resembles an expensive clubhouse of a private country club.

BackCountry is a unique gated neighborhood with many builders and special beautiful homes. The houses in the area have lots of magnificent outdoor living spaces built into the design, making many of the homes true Colorado gems.

Browse some of the Backcountry’s newest listings

9. Firelight

Firelight Highlands Ranch Homes

The Firelight community is located on Highlands Ranch’s southeast side and there is a lot to do in this neighborhood. Highlands Ranch has created trails, open space, Redtail Park, and the most recent recreational complex, South ridge, right there in the neighborhood.

The majority of the subdivision is near the BackCountry Open Space, which has magnificent scenery and wildlife. Firelight is a sub-association of the Highlands Ranch Community Association. Residents pay additional HOA fees to the sub-association for the sub-association to administer common areas and provide additional services such as trash removal etc.

The Firelight sub-division is one of the Highlands Ranch’s newest and larger subareas with approximately 1,500 homes ranging in size from 2,000 to 3,500 square feet and built between 2000-2005. The quality builders like Richmond America, Shea, Beezer, and Joyce have built homes in the Firelight neighborhood of Highland Ranch. Firelight home styles include both flare and history. Many of the houses have numerous renovations and a contemporary appearance.

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10. Indigo Hill

Indigo Hill Highlands Ranch Homes

Located in Highlands Ranch’s Southridge neighborhood, Indigo Hills is another amazing place to live. Indigo Hills sits at the North West corner of Broadway and Wildcat Ridge Parkway. The Sundance townhomes are located on the corner of Wildcat reserve and Broadway, north of the Tanks Skate Park and slightly beyond the Indigo Hill development boundary.

Highlands Ranch’s Indigo Hill neighborhood is another one of the distinct subdivisions within Highlands Ranch, with its own set of HOAs and its own private pool and playground. There are not many of these in other communities or neighborhoods, so Indigo Hill residents get a semi-private recreation opportunity all to themselves. There is also a playground that is separate from the rest of Highlands Ranch’s Park and managed independently. Indigo Hill is a subdivision of Highlands Ranch Community Association, although it also has its own sub-association for residents.

Indigo Hills has approximately 400 homes that were built by Village homes between 1995-2002. The majority of homes have open, modern floor plans with valuated ceilings and an abundance of window light. The majority of the homes in this neighborhood are between 1,800-2,800 square feet. The price range varies and shifts with the market, but you can expect the prices to be higher than the Colorado average and comparable to other neighborhoods in Highlands Ranch.

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11. The Hearth

The Hearth Highlands Ranch Homes

This neighborhood in Highlands Ranch was built between 2005-2011 and consists of Berkley Homes and Shea Homes. It is one of the best neighborhoods of Highlands Ranch, thanks to its amazing location, house structures, and views.

The Hearth neighborhood is located in the Southridge area of Highlands Ranch with a lot of open areas to hike or bike. The Hearth lies in proximity to the BackCountry Wilderness area and the famous Daniel’s Gate Park. Living in the Heart neighborhood of Highlands Ranch feels like living in the company of nature.

Shopping and entertainment areas are also very closely built to the living societies. Amazing supermarkets, Star Bucks, shopping malls are just around the corner if you ever feel like going out for groceries or just for a stroll.

The community is also popular for its amazing recreation areas. Whether it is a biking trail for children or a swimming area for adults, it is said that, that you will find everything in the neighborhood of Hearth.

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Highlands Ranch – Additional Information

Located in County Douglas, Highlands Ranch is approximately 25 minutes driving south of Denver city center. Shuttles from Highlands Ranch may reach the RTD light rail from either the west or east side of the city easily and conveniently, transporting you to the center of town or your office, and many other areas.

For many people in these locations, DTC and Meridian business centers are only minutes away. Although there has been controversy about this for many years, Highlands Ranch is an unincorporated area and not a town.

However, developments and conventions by elected members of the board of the Highlands Ranch Metro District are not governed by local governments. Homeowners sign a contract to comply with their contracts and obtain full agreements at the time they close their homes.

History of the Town

In 1981, the first settlers built their lives there over 100 years ago. So, it was founded in 1981.

The mission of Town

They are dedicated to offering innovative and high-quality municipal services while carefully managing Highlands Ranch’s resources.

The vision of Town

To lead collaborative efforts to ensure quality, timely service, and community support in the design and maintenance of the following things:

•    Parks and Recreation

•    Open Space

•    Cultural Activities

•    Public Works Department.

Major Information of Town

Highlands Ranch is a 22,000-acre master-planned community that was established in 1981. The population of the community is 100,310 individuals. 12 miles south of Denver, Highlands Ranch is located in Douglas County. Not just an amazing location to live it offers superb living standards and options for an active and modern lifestyle.

Seven elected board members represent the inhabitants of Highlands Ranch is known as Highlands Ranch Metro District Board of Directors.

So, the main reason for writing this article is to tell you about the best 11 neighborhoods of Highlands Ranch, Parker CO. Highlands Ranch is one of the beautiful towns of Colorado with an elevation of 1,773 m. If you are planning to shift to Highlands, I hope our list will help you to choose the best neighborhood to live in.


So, that’s it for now. This is the list of the top 11 neighborhoods of Highlands Ranch. Living anywhere is your own choice but at least we can suggest some amazing places to live. So, if you ever made your mind to move to Highland Ranch don’t forget our list of the best 11 neighborhoods.

Best Places has other great information on where to live in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

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