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5 Pros and 5 Cons of Living in Lone Tree, Colorado in 2022

Pros and Cons of Living in Lone Tree

Lone Tree is a smaller city right in the heart of the hustle and bustle of the Denver Metro area. It is home to just 13,000 people, but that number is growing exponentially every year. The motto of the town is “It’s a great day to be in Lone Tree!”.

In this article, we will be covering five pros and five cons of living in Lone Tree to help you determine whether or not living there is a good fit for you and your situation.

The Pros and Cons of Living in Lone Tree, Colorado

Pros of Living in Lone Tree

  1. Great Homes & Communities
  2. Highly Rated Public School
  3. Amazing Location
  4. Most Entertainment in the Denver Metro Area
  5. Diverse Parks and Trails

Cons of Living in Lone Tree

  1. The Cost of Living is High
  2. The Denver Metro Area’s Most Expensive Housing
  3. Not the Best Nightlife
  4. Aggressive Drivers
  5. Heavy Traffic

Continue reading for a full breakdown of each one of these pros and cons!

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Pros of Living in Lone Tree, Colorado

1. Great Homes & Communities

Lone Tree is home to some amazing neighborhoods and communities to live in. The homes in the area are new, modern, and simply beautiful.

Lone Tree has all sorts of different housing types that can fit anyone’s needs. Whether it is single-family homes, condos, apartments, luxury homes, or gated communities, you can find it in Lone Tree!

These communities are also located very close to all of the hot entertainment areas in Lone Tree. Resident’s favorite restaurants or places to shop are often just a quick walk or bike ride away.

One thing to keep in mind is that these neighborhoods are quite expensive, but they are well worth it. These homes and communities are some of the very best in the state of Colorado.

Below is our breakdown of the top 11 Lone Tree neighborhoods:

NeighborhoodsMedian Home Price
1. Heritage Hills$1,300,000
2. Heritage Estates$1,500,000
3. Montecito$980,000
4. Carriage Club$750,000
5. The Charter$712,000
6. The Fairways$950,000
7. RidgeGate$950,000
8. Bluffmont Estates$581,000
9. Muirfield$557,450
10. McArthur Ranch$667,500
11. Wildcat Ridge$750,000
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2. Highly Rated Public Schools

The public schools in Lone Tree are ranked high in Colorado’s educational system. In fact, many people choose to settle down in the Lone Tree area due to the great schools there for the kids.

Here is a list of some Lone Tree schools:

·         Eagle Ridge Elementary School

·         Lone Tree Elementary School

·         Ascent Classical Academy – Douglas County

·         Aqua-Tots – Swim Schools Lone Tree

·         Modern Music Studio

·         Colorado School of Acting

·         Rock Canyon High School

3. Amazing Location

One of the most appealing aspects of living in Lone Tree is its amazing location. Lone Tree is located close to Denver while also being in the heart of the suburbs. The city is just minutes away from the Denver Tech Center which is commonly known as the economic powerhouse of Colorado. Many people work in that area, so living right next to it in Lone Tree is extremely convenient.

Lone Tree is also just 5-20 minutes away from Denver’s most popular suburbs including Highlands Ranch, Parker, Centennial, Littleton, Castle Pines, and Castle Rock. Being in the middle of all these cities makes living in Lone Tree fantastic.

4. Most Entertainment in the Denver Metro Area

Pros and Cons of Living in Lone Tree, Colorado

Living in Lone Tree will be everything but boring. The Park Meadows Mall is another famous place to pass time. Some people refer to it as being the best place to shop in the state of Colorado. Not only is this mall full of great places to shop, but it is completely surrounded by a couple of miles worth of shopping centers, stores, and restaurants.

Talking about the pros and not including the mouth-watering food offering restaurants of Lone Tree will be an injustice to the place itself. The restaurants and breweries of Lone Tree are some of the most popular in the Metro area. There are so many places to eat that you will always have a different place to try out.

Here is a list of some of Lone Tree’s best places to eat:

·         Seasons 52

·         Carnelli’s Italian Restaurant

·         The White Chocolate Grill

·         Snooze, an A.M Eatery

·         J Alexander’s Restaurant

·         Hacienda Colorado

·         John Holly’s Asian Bistro

·         Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

5. Diverse Parks and Trails

Pros and Cons of Living in Lone Tree, Colorado

Just like any Denver city, Lone Tree is the best when it comes to hiking and open spaces, which is a pleasant surprise since it is in the middle of the Denver Metro area. Bluffs Regional Park is the best to visit. According to residents and visitors, the trails are open and well-designed and the view is breathtaking.

Prairie Sky Park is another amazing open-space area in Lone Tree. The place is beautifully structured for people of all ages. This park is a fantastic picnic spot.

The best thing is that parks in Lone Tree are also dog friendly so you wouldn’t have to worry about leaving your little four-legged buddies behind.

Cook Creek Park is another park you would like to visit in the area. The park has its own swimming pool to let off some heat of summer. The trails there are also not crowded and open to let you feel the suburban feel.

The visitors and residents admire the parks and hiking areas of Lone Tree and according to them, these offer the best sunsets and sunrises views in the Greater Denver Area,

Cons of Living in Lone Tree Colorado

1. The Cost of Living is High

Another con of Lone Tree is its high cost of living. The housing, living, and almost everything are very expensive, even by Colorado standards. Living in Colorado is already pricey compared to other regions of the U.S., but Lone Tree has a slightly higher rate than its other cities and suburbs in the state.

Generally, the amount below 100 shows that cost of living is cheaper than the U.S average, and the amount above 100 means the cost is higher than average. In Lone Tree, Colorado, the overall cost of living is 156.4 which is even higher than the state of Colorado, 121.1.

As you can see in the table below, living in Lone Tree is more expensive than the state and national averages in everything other than health and utilities.

Cost of LivingLone TreeColoradoUSA
Median Home Cost$847,200$488.600$291,700
Pros and Cons of Living in Lone Tree, Colorado

2. The Denver Metro Area’s Most Expensive Housing

Housing in Lone Tree is insanely expensive, that is why we wanted to break this one off into its own con.

The median home price in Lone Tree is $847,200 which is nearly double Colorado’s median home price and triple the national price.

This figure is only going up. During the latter months of 2021, the median home price was above $1,000,000 in Lone Tree.

This basically means that your money would go a lot further if you were to move into a home in a different Colorado city or somewhere out of state. However, as mentioned in the pros, the prices might be worth it to you if you have the budget.

3. Not the Best Nightlife

Although there are many great things to do in Lone Tree some people have expressed that it doesn’t have a great nightlife. There really aren’t any clubs or bars that stand out compared to ones that are closer to the Denver area. Luckily, the Denver area isn’t too far away from Lone Tree, but at the same time, it would be nice to have more things to do at night right in the town itself.

4. Aggressive Drivers

Another major con of living in Lone Tree is the bad driving. As mentioned earlier in the article, Lone Tree is right in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the Greater Denver Area. This means that there is often a rushed feel to the drivers. There is always someplace to be and something to get done, so people have been known to be more aggressive and careless drivers there. Don’t be surprised if someone flies by you on I-25 doing 90+ on a 65 mph highway.

5. Heavy Traffic

Pros and Cons of Living in Lone Tree, Colorado

The traffic in the Lone Tree area has gotten progressively worse over the last decade, and it is only going downhill. If you are driving around the area during the 4:00-7:00 pm timeframe on a weekday you are sure to experience heavy delays. The roads really get crowded on I-25, but you can even expect traffic within Lone Tree itself, especially near the Park Meadows area. There is so much going on in that area, and not enough space or roads to fill the demand.

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More Information on Lone Tree

Lone Tree is located in northern Douglas County, United States. It is just south of Denver. Lone Tree is located adjacent to Arapahoe City and it is in what is known as “South Metro Area” of Denver. Geographically, Lone Tree is such an amazing place to live as it gives both an urban and suburban feel to its residents.

Lone Tree offers its residents the beautiful surrounding, an amazing community, a thriving business with low tax rates, and much more.

According to the census in 2019, the population of Lone Tree is just 13,114 which is significantly less compared to its neighboring Denver suburbs. That’s why Lone Tree is known as a peaceful place to live. There is a total of 5,577 households and 3,471 families living in Lone Tree Colorado, at this time. Most of the houses in Lone Tree are owned by their residents and others are rented by people.

Lone Tree has a large variety of homes when it comes to house structures. You will find almost any kind of house and community to live in Lone Tree. Whether you want to live in a posh high-class society or just a normal good-looking place, Lone Tree has a lot to offer you.

The motto of this amazing Denver City, lone Tree, is as beautiful as the town itself. The motto says:

“It’s a Great Day To Be In a lone Tree”

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