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5 Pros and 5 Cons of Living in Castle Pines, Colorado in 2022

Pros and Cons of Living in Castle Pines

Castle Pines is the perfect combination of a mountain lifestyle while still having the conveniences of city life. You get the best of both worlds in this town! The spacious areas, neighborhoods, and communities give the whole area a peaceful, quiet vibe and Denver is only 30 minutes away!

There are obviously many pros to living in this city, however, it can come with some cons as well. Castle Pines’ pros and cons and listed below.

The Pros & Cons of Living in Castle Pines, Colorado

Pros of Living in Castle Pines

  1. Gorgeous Luxury Homes
  2. Beautiful Nature
  3. Highly Rated Schools
  4. Secure, Gated Communities
  5. Mountain Lifestyle Right Next to the City

Cons of Living in Castle Pines

  1. High Cost of Living
  2. Expensive Homes
  3. Wildlife Can Be Problematic
  4. Tucked Away Neighborhoods
  5. Shopping is Not Close By

Continue reading to get more details on each of these pros and cons to see if living in Castle Pines is the right fit for you!

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Pros of Living in Castle Pines

1. Gorgeous Luxury Homes

Castle Pines is full of some of Colorado’s most luxurious and modern properties. Some of the top builders in the region and country have built several sub-developments in the city. There are plenty of housing options, from townhouses, connected patio houses, and single-family homes to low-maintenance patio houses and luxury residences with panoramic views of the golf course. If you have the budget and are looking for a stunning home in the southern Denver region, Castle Pines is hands down the place to be!

Below is our list of the top neighborhoods in Castle Pines. If you are looking for the most luxurious neighborhoods, pay extra attention to Castle Pines Village, The Village at Castle Pines, Beverly Hills, and Daniel’s Gate.

Castle Pines’ Top 11 Neighborhoods to Live in

NeighborhoodMedian House Price
1. Castle Pines North$829,000
2. Skyline Ridge$683,000
3. Timberline$650,000
4. Beverly Hills$853,000
5. The Canyons$1,200,000
6. The Village at Castle Pines$1,200,000
7. Castle Pines Village$1,400,000
8. Homestead at Castle Pines Village$775,000
9. Castle Valley$710,000
10. The Estates of Buffalo Ridge$1,400,000
11. Daniel’s Gate$1,350,000
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2. Beautiful Nature

Daniel's Park Castle Pines Homes

Castle Pines has gotten so popular over the last couple of decades due to its incredible location. Gorgeous mountain views can be seen from nearly every part of the city. Every neighborhood and community is surrounded by large pine trees. Vegetation and scrub oak run throughout the city. There is also an incredible golf course that is professionally maintained to be breathtaking which just adds to the beauty of the neighborhood.

The Village at Castle Pines is one of the communities that gets to take part in all of these beautiful aspects of nature together, but all of Castle Pines’ neighborhoods have great views and locations.

3. Highly Rated Schools

Castle Pines is part of Douglas County which has been ranked a top school district both in the state and the nation. There are a handful of great elementary and charter schools in the city and all of them are fantastic.

Although there aren’t middle or high schools in Castle Pines itself, there are some that are very nearby. In fact, parents have the option of a few different high schools to send their kids to, all of which are great options.

Some of the school choices are as follows:

  • Buffalo Ridge Elementary 
  • Timber Trail Elementary 
  • DSC Montessori Charter School
  • Rock Canyon High School (Highlands Ranch)
  • Castle View (Castle Rock
  • Douglas County High School (Castle Rock)

4. Secure, Gated Communities

Castle Pines Gated Communities

Castle Pines is built on a network of highly trained experts that ensure the safety and security of both residents and their visitors. There are five staffed entrance and exit gates and an in-house Emergency Capabilities department. These security services allow homeowners in the community, as well as their visitors, to rest easy knowing that they are watched over 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

These security services offer EMT services, manage animal emergencies, traffic accidents, intruders, and more. In fact, this gated community is the only one in the Denver region to provide such extensive services to its residents.

The best part is knowing that aid is just a phone call away. This gives us peace of mind.

5. Mountain Lifestyle Right Next to the City

Castle Pines Homes

The City of Castle Pines is very unique. It isn’t common to find a city that is so immersed in nature while also being just a few minutes away from large urban communities. Castle Pines is about 30 minutes south of Denver, 60 minutes north of Colorado Springs, 10 minutes away from Highlands Ranch, 5 Minutes away from Castle Rock, and 10 minutes away from Parker.

Not only do you have a variety of gorgeous house designs to choose from and access to first-rate facilities, but you’re also in a very desirable location near to everything you need. The Denver Tech Center and the Denver International Airport are all within reasonable driving distance, making travel for yourself or visiting visitors a breeze. The Village Shops is a boutique retail complex that contains a specialized grocery store, top-notch eating options, daily needs, and more, all within a short walking distance of nearby neighborhoods.

Cons of Living in Castle Pines

1. High Cost of Living

Castle Pines is ranked 50th in the USA for Cost of Living. EVERYTHING is expensive in the city just because it is Castle Pines. Housing, groceries, and transportation are some of the most expensive aspects of living in Castle Pines.

Surprisingly, though, health and utilities in more affordable in Castle Pines compared to the nation’s average.

Cost of LivingCastle PinesColoradoUSA
Median House Price$715,600$488,600$291,700

2. Very Expensive Homes

Castle Pines Homes for Sale

As mentioned above, living in Castle Pines is much more expensive compared to other cities. Housing alone is 2.5x more expensive than the national average. To put this into perspective, the median house price in Castle Pines is over $700,000, while the median price in Colorado is $488,600 and the nation’s median, is way lower at $291,700. It is substantially more expensive to live in Castle Pines. You could get the same exact house in terms of size, age, and condition in Castle Rock for over $100,000 less. If you went to Lakewood or Aurora, for example, to find that same house it would be even cheaper than that!

So, just know that the Castle Pines homes and communities are incredible and unique, but they are extremely expensive! You are paying more just to be in Castle Pines.

3. Wildlife Can Be Problematic

Wildlife in Castle Pines

As mentioned many times previously, one of Castle Pines’ biggest pros is how it is immersed in nature. This does, however, mean that residents are commingling with wildlife quite often.

Most of the time it is just deer, elk, and wild turkeys that residents see. There are some preditors that live in the area that you need to be aware of if you are considering relocating to Castle Pines.

Coyotes, mountain lions (cougars), and even bears at times are what people need to watch out for. These animals aren’t typically aggressive towards humans, but you do need to be careful with small children and especially pets. A band of coyotes in the area has previously made headlines for aggression towards residents’ pets. Coyotes and cougars in particular have taken the lives of smaller dogs and cats, sometimes even during the day as their hapless owners stood nearby.

Animals and humans have had a problematic connection for a long time. Habitat degradation due to the human building is causing an increasing number of tense situations, and the problems appear to worsen.

4. Tucked Away Neighborhoods

Castle Pines Homes and Neighborhoods

To some this might be a pro, however, to others this could be tedious. A lot of Castle Pines’ neighborhoods are tucked away deep in the trees and gated areas. There are definitely benefits to this, especially when it comes to beauty and privacy. It does get annoying, though, whenever you need to get on the highway or go to the store and it takes 10 minutes to get out of your neighborhood.

There are places in Castle Pines to buy groceries and do light shopping, but if you are super tucked into a gated neighborhood it isn’t necessarily a convenient trip.

The gated communities in Castle Pines also can be tedious when you want to have visitors over. No one can enter the community unless they have permission from a resident, so oftentimes the gatekeepers will have to call you directly just to let your friends or family into the neighborhood. Sometimes they’ll even follow them to make sure they go to the right place. This is a small inconvenience but adds up if you like having people over.

5. Shopping is Not Close By

Castle Pines is a pretty small town at this point. The smallest suburb in the southern Denver area. Due to this being the case there aren’t any shopping centers in the city. The Castle Rock Outlets and Park Meadows Mall are not too far away, but many residents agree that having something of that nature within the town itself would be ideal.

As the city grows, more restaurants and other places to eat have been coming to Castle Pines. At the moment, though, residents typically need to commute to Castle Rock, Lone Tree, or Highlands Ranch when they want variety in places to eat.


This little city is becoming increasingly crowded. The streets and roads are completely damaged, and driving on them is pretty tricky. Throughout the year, there are potholes every few feet. It’s a lovely town with many options. There are several hiking opportunities nearby, and the mountains are not far away.

Castle Pines is a lovely town with homes surrounded by pools, tennis and basketball facilities, rolling hills, and breathtaking views. Almost every home is filled with friendly grins and waves; beautiful residences overlook magnificent stretches of land, and a sense of community permeates every corner and cranny. There isn’t much going on, so it’s pretty quiet. It would be wonderful to have more local stores or hangout spots that appeal to adolescents, but now we have very good.

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