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31 Reasons to Move to Denver in 2022

Reasons to Move to Denver

This article will help you determine if living in Denver, Colorsado is a good fit for you by breaking down the top 31 reasons why people move to the city. You can see a brief overview of the 31 reasons people move to Denver below. Read on for a full breakdown of each one of these reasons.

31 Reasons to Move to Denver

1. Great Neighborhoods2. Plenty of Job Opportunities3. Vibrant Scenery & Peaceful Lifestyle4. Great Weather All Year Round
5. Fantastic Sports Team6. Amazing Schools & Education System7. Red Rocks Venue & Concerts8. Fun Downtown Area
9. One of the Nation’s Beer Capitals10. Friendly People11. The Great Rocky Mountains12. Affordable Rentals
13. Traffic Could Be Much Worse14. Lots of Recreational Activities15. Health is a High Priority16. Cultural Diversity
17. Diverse Food Scene18. Artful City19. Casinos Nearby20. Elitch Gardens
21. Waterworld22. The Denver Zoo23. Weather Can Change on a Dime24. State Parks Nearby
25. Denver International Airport26. Centralized City27. Rich History28. Great Biking
29. 16th Street Mall30. The Denver Mint31. Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Denver, also known as the Mile High City, is the capital of Colorado and is often regarded as one of the nation’s best places to live. In fact, tens of thousands of people move to Denver every year.

Continue reading to learn more about each one of these reasons to move to Denver, Colorado!

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1. Great Neighborhoods

One of the biggest reasons to move to Denver is because of the great neighborhoods, communities, and areas to live in there. The city has a total of 78 neighborhoods, and the grand majority of them are fabulous communities to live in. In fact, we have broken down the top 10 Denver neighborhoods for you to browse through as seen in the table below. You can also click the image above to see our breakdown of Denver’s top 35 neighborhoods!

Denver neighborhoods are known for being very versatile, meaning that you can find virtually whatever you are looking for in the city. For example, Colorado’s capital offers anything from luxury living to affordable single-family residences to condos, townhomes, and even older historic homes.

Browse through the top neighborhoods in Denver below!

Denver’s Top 10 Neighborhoods

NeighborhoodMedian Home PricePopulation
1. Platt Park$891,5005,874
2. Virginia Village $552,50014,437
3. Hilltop $1,735,7509,524
4. South Park Hill $742,0009,546
5. Washington Park $1,250,0007,514
6. Washington Park West $875,0007,798
7. Wellshire $935,0003,525
8. Sloan Lake $1,041,0008,189
9. Congress Park $927,00011,475
10. West Highland $805,0009,252
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2. Plenty of Job Opportunities

Reasons to Move to or Live in Denver, Colorado

The major reason why people are moving to Denver is the thriving Job opportunities there. It has been said many times over the past few years that the Colorado economy is booming.

In Denver, the average income is $57,700 and is expected to increase in the coming years. The Denver Tech Center is a hub of job opportunities and is known as the biggest employer in the city of Denver. In fact, the Denver Tech Center alone employs over 100,000 tech workers.

Recently many smaller businesses and restaurants have actually gone out of business due to low staffing issues.

3. Vibrant Scenery & Peaceful Lifestyle

Reasons to Move to or Live in Denver, Colorado

Denver is not just all fun and active and hustling bustling lifestyle. It is a perfect mix of nature and city life.

If you ever feel like taking a break from city roars you can find calm in several places in Denver like Cheeseman Park, Denver Botanic Gardens, Weathervane Café, Washington Park, Observatory Park, and many others.

Also, the vibrant scenery of Denver is worth bragging about. With all green neighborhoods, plenty of parks, clean and green sidewalks and roads, several local shops and market areas, and housing societies Denver is a city that seems straight out of movies and is always picture-ready.

4. Great Weather All Year Round

Reasons to Move to or Live in Denver, Colorado

Denver is not a place where you would have to experience extreme weather. It’s just perfect throughout the year so that you can enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle without any hurdles.

When living in Denver you can see the clear blue sky more often than living in any other part of America. In fact, Colorado is known for having an average of 300 sunny shiny days each year, which is more than the state of Florida gets!

Due to the high elevation, the nights are also very clear giving you a clear look at the star-studded sky.

In summer, the temperature rises but low humidity levels make the heat bearable. Plus, it rarely gets over 90 degrees during the hotter months. In winters, it snows but still, the sun shines almost every day. The springs and autumns are near perfection in the Denver area.

5. Fantastic Sports Teams

Reasons to Move to or Live in Denver, Colorado

Denverites are sports enthusiasts. It helps that Colorado’s capital is full of highly-rated sports teams in all of the major athletic leagues ranging from the NFL to the NBA, NHL, and many more!

The Denver Broncos are the most beloved team of Denverites and are adored and showered with affection whenever they are in their hometown. The Denver Nuggets and Colorado Rockies are also admired and loved by the locals and they don’t miss even a single match of their favorite teams. There is also the Colorado Avalanche which is loved by not just Denverites but by many Coloradans.

In short, if you are a sports fan and want to attend competitive sporting events, then Denver is a perfect fit for you. You’ll find some great teams to follow very quickly!

6. Amazing Schools & Education System

Reasons to Move to or Live in Denver, Colorado

Colorado overall ranks 5th among the most educated states in the US, and Denver has a major role to play. You can find many highest-ranked schools in Denver as well as the best universities where you can pursue your higher education. There are dozens of great elementary, middle, and high schools that provide incredible learning opportunities to their students. Denver University, The University of Colorado, and Regis University are counted among the great academic colleges in Denver.

7. Red Rocks Venue & Concerts

Reasons to Move to or Live in Denver, Colorado

Red Rock Amphitheater is a picture-perfect place to attend outdoor movie events, concerts, and even church services. Many people show up every morning to get a solid workout in on the amphitheater’s large steps.

This amphitheater is the nation’s greatest and is literally built on the side of a giant, historic rock. It is just a 15-20 minutes drive from Denver and offers Denver residents great events and concerts to attend without having to go very far at all. Every year, dozens of musical events take place there which is another reason why you should move to Denver.

8. Fun Downtown Area

Reasons to Move to or Live in Denver, Colorado

Lower Downtown, aka Lodo, is perfect for those who want everything right at their fingertips so they don’t have to commute far for things to do or for places to eat. Downtown Denver is also home to 16th Mall which we’ll address later on in this article. Denver’s downtown area offers lots of unique restaurants and shops that are among the state’s best. Plus, there is good public transportation in this area so getting around to events and stores is affordable, quick, and easy.

9. One of the Nation’s Beer Capitals

Denver is regarded as a beer city. It was previously known for Coors beer but now other major names have been added to the list and the crafts so beer has gone to a whole new level. This capital of Colorado is home to dozens of breweries and micro-breweries and this is a big reason why people love living in Denver. If you are passionate about beer and breweries you should definitely consider moving to Denver.

10. Friendly People

When looking to move to somewhere new many people are curious about what the residents are like. New York City is known for having people that are very busy and looking to socialize. Los Angeles often is considered of having artistic and individualistic inhabitants. Denver on the other hand is full of happy people and will welcome you with smiles and open hearts. You are sure to find new friends and communities to socialize within Denver no matter what your background or lifestyle is.

11. The Great Rocky Mountains

Reasons to Move to or Live in Denver, Colorado

No place can beat the high peaks and beautiful mountain views of the Rockies of Denver. The Rocky Mountains offer miles-long hiking trails and great areas for camping. The best part is that this incredible landmark is just a short 30-minute drive away from Denver. Many residents spend weekends in the mountains enjoying the rich nature they offer.

12. Affordable Rentals

Many people choose to rent over purchasing a house. At MODestate, we are big advocates for helping people buy homes as opposed to renting because there are some huge pros that come along with it. However, we recognize that there are those who prefer renting over buying.

Renting is pretty affordable in Denver compared to many other large cities and capitals in the United States. The average rent in Denver is around $1,800/month.

13. Traffic Could Be Much Worse

Reasons to Move to or Live in Denver, Colorado

Traffic in Denver is not nearly as bad as it gets in cities like Seattle, New York, LA, or Chicago. This is not to say that there isn’t any traffic in Denver. There definitely is and it can be pretty rough with accidents and during the wintertime.

However, there are specific rush hours, so as long as you are avoiding them you are all good to go. There are also plenty of alternate routes that one can take to get around and avoid some of the more congested areas in the city.

14. Lots of Recreational Activities

Reasons to Move to or Live in Denver, Colorado

Denver is regarded as a place perfect for the adventurous and the person who wants an active outdoor lifestyle. Why? The answer is all the recreation activities the city has to offer. In every weather, there is some new outdoor activity to experience and enjoy.

From cycling to hiking, and from running to snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and winter skiing, you can never get short of recreational activities while living in Denver, Co.

15. Health is a High Priority

Denver is the capital of Colorado which is consistently ranked as the healthiest state in the United States. With the active outdoor lifestyle, Denverites enjoy the best health conditions a place can offer.

People in Denver love to work out and go on hikes to remain fit and healthy. You can easily see people going in and out of gyms at any part of the day. It is said that whenever the Denverites have the time they use it to either work out or explore the rocky mountains by going hiking there. So, it would not be wrong to say that health and remaining fit is the utmost priority of Denverites.

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16. Cultural Diversity

Denver is a diverse place to live in. You can experience the rich culture living thereby getting to know all sorts of people from all sorts of different cultures, countries, and backgrounds. And one such diverse thing we would like you to know is that a total of 145 languages are spoken in Denver including Vietnamese, Spanish, Norwegian, Arabic, etc. English is the common and official tongue but people there don’t hesitate to conversate in different languages. So, if you want to learn a new language or you are a non-English speaker looking for a place to merge in then Denver can be a perfect fit for you.

17. Diverse Food Scene

Reasons to Move to or Live in Denver, Colorado

The food industry of Denver is not easy to beat. Denver is home to some of the finest and most luxurious restaurants in the US. There have also been many major brands now started in Denver years ago including the famous Smashburger, Quiznos, Boston Market, and Noodles and Company.

Also, Mexican, Spanish, and Vietnamese cuisine can be found in Denver easily. There are also many unique restaurants with different cultural flares to them. One thing which you must try and for which Denver is famous is the Steakhouses which offer the tastiest and most delicious steaks in Colorado.

18. Artful City

Reasons to Move to or Live in Denver, Colorado

Discussion about Denver is incomplete without talking about the thriving arts culture there. The Denver Museum of Arts and Culture and the Denver Center for Performing Arts are the living symbols that Denverites along with the Denver Government are pretty serious about the uplifting of arts.

The arts, statues, and other artistic stuff are not just limited to museums instead, you can easily spot the artistic touch in almost everything in Denver.

19. Casinos Nearby

Living in Denver you are also living in proximity to what is known as the casino hubs of Colorado; The Central City and Blackhawk. These two areas are famous for the active casinos and gambling games happening there all the time. Just drive for 30 minutes towards the west on I-70 into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and the two towns are there all set and waiting for you to come and play as much as you want. It is said that Blackhawk and Central City have everything Las Vegas can offer you and that too at a much lower price.

20. Elitch Gardens

Reasons to Move to or Live in Denver, Colorado

Elitch Gardens is a large theme park located right in the heart of Denver. Sure, it doesn’t compare to parks like Universal Studios, but due to its great location, affordable prices, and unique coasters, it is a solid reason to live in Denver.

Eliches has both a water park and an amusement park and is loaded with plenty of activities and games for everyone to enjoy.

21. Waterworld

Waterworld is another theme park in the Denver area that residents absolutely adore. It has been known for being the biggest waterpark (probably geographically) west of the Mississippi.

Those who go there enjoy dozens of different water slides and pools. This is a great way to spend weekends in the summertime for Denver residents!

Reasons to Move to or Live in Denver, Colorado

22. The Denver Zoo

Reasons to Move to or Live in Denver, Colorado

The Denver Zoo is the best place to have a peek at animals from all over the world. It is a large zoo that has just about every animal one could ask for.

Every year during the wintertime an event takes place in Denver’s Zoo for a few weeks in which the whole Zoo is completely filled with different lights. This event is known as the Zoo Lights and is a perfect event to grab a delicious cup of hot chocolate and meander for weeks straight while watching the unique fauna of the land.

23. Weather Can Change on a Dime

The weather in Denver does not remain the same throughout the day. In fact, it is pretty common to have the day start out with snowfall and end with clear skies and sun. So, if you think the weather is not what you expect it to be then wait for a few minutes or an hour and it will probably change. It is also said that make your plans but never leave it to the weather in Denver!

24. State Parks Nearby

There are amazing state parks near Denver such as Cherry Creek State Park, Chatfield State Park, and Roxborough State Park. These areas offer anything from hiking to fishing to biking to boating. These are incredible places that aren’t too far away that many Denver residents enjoy especially on the weekends.

Reasons to Move to or Live in Denver, Colorado

25. Denver International Airport (DIA)

Another great reason to move to Denver is for its international airport. The Denver International Airport is one of the most active airports in the world. Due to its central location, it is easy to get flights all around the USA and even the world. Also, it is preferred by international tourists, and usually, they start their travel journey from Denver, Colorado, and then move to other cities and states from here.

26. Centralized City

One great reason to move to Denver is for its location. Denver is located more or less in the center of the state which makes getting around Colorado very nice if you’re starting in Denver.

27. Rich History

Denver has a rich and diverse history and all of this has arisen from its strong roots in past. Denver was originally established to host a few miners and their families but eventually, the vibrant scenery and amazing weather conditions lure in the people from different parts of America. Denver is the hottest and most demanding in the market for those looking for a place to settle down for the rest of their lives. When living in Denver you’ll definitely enjoy being surrounded by some great history that has formed a fantastic city.

28. Great Biking

The Cherry Creek Bike path is a 40 miles long path that starts in Downtown Denver and goes all the way around Centennial, Aurora, and other suburbs like Parker. This biking trail is not just the longest in Colorado but also offers a picturesque view to the bikers. If you are a biker then Denver has to offer you a lot. The best thing is, it’s okay if you don’t have a bike, you can always rent it from the rental bike organization in Denver. The city is also full of bike lanes to add an alternate form of commuting for its residents.

29. 16th Street Mall

Reasons to Move to or Live in Denver, Colorado

In downtown Denver, looking for entertainment stuff is not difficult. You can find the amusing stuff almost anywhere, but one place which is always crowded with pedestrians enjoying themselves is 16th Street Mall.

This street is only for pedestrians and is full of shopping malls, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and plenty of office buildings. If you get tired of walking you can always ride on the free shuttle and enjoy the street performers performing different arts.

30. The Denver Mint

Reasons to Move to or Live in Denver, Colorado

As we already mentioned, Denver is all about fun and unique culture. And seeing the dollar bills and coins structuring in front of you is something you won’t watch everywhere. Denver’s Branch of the US Mint started producing coins in 1906 and the department is still running to its full potential. So, stop by and enjoy the sight of dollar bills being made for circulation. This is a great, historic place to visit if you live in Denver.

31. Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Reasons to Move to or Live in Denver, Colorado

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is Colorado’s largest and most popular museum. It is full of incredible art and things to look at and learn about. You can visit this museum many times before being able to truly see everything. This is a great place to spend time and take your family to in Denver. Another great reason to live in this city!

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