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31 Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs in 2022

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

This is an article dedicated to breaking down the top reasons to move to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Discover why almost 500,000 people call it home and why thousands more are moving there every year. See if living in Colorado Springs is a good fit for you!

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs, Colorado

  1. Great Neighborhoods
  2. Four Distinct Seasons
  3. Affordable Housing
  4. Best Schools & Districts
  5. The Job Market
  6. Quality of Life
  7. Small Town Vibes
  8. The Air Force Academy
  9. One-of-a-Kind Parks
  10. Annual Events
  11. Top Restaurants
  12. Sports Programs
  13. Brewing Companies
  14. Colorado Springs Airport
  15. Cafes and Diners
  16. Clean Water
  17. Transportation
  18. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
  19. Museums
  20. The Olympic Training Center
  21. College Sports Teams
  22. Pikes Peak
  23. Historic Landmarks
  24. Rocky Mountain Views
  25. Outdoor Activities
  26. Hot Air Balloon Events
  27. Food Trucks Galore
  28. Balance Between Work and Fun
  29. Dog-Friendly City
  30. No Need for AC
  31. Farmers Markets

Read on for the full breakdown of each one of these reasons to move to Colorado Springs to see if living in the city is right for you!

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1. Great Neighborhoods

Best Colorado Springs Neighborhoods to Live in

Colorado Springs is the 2nd largest city in the state of Colorado and is one of the best cities in the state to live in. There are many new builds, neighborhoods, and communities in Colorado Springs because the cost of living and housing prices are very affordable compared to most of the state. This means that there are lots of phenomenal places to choose from in the city to live in no matter what your budget or lifestyle is!

Briargate is located in the center of Colorado Springs and is a popular destination for young families. A few minutes from the area, you’ll discover lots of commercial complexes and excellent schools. If you have some more money in your budget, consider moving to The Broadmoor area.

The Broadmoor, located on the city’s southern outskirts, is notable for its modern and historic houses. Several parks may be found in the area, as well as the Country Club of Colorado and The Broadmoor resort, a gorgeous hotel famed for its spa, golf course, and tennis courts.

The West Side area, as the name implies, is located a few minutes west of Colorado Springs. Southeast and South Colorado Springs are popular areas for homeowners since they are close to military bases.

Colorado Springs’ Top 10 Neighborhoods & Places to Live

NeighborhoodMedian House Price
1. Flying Horse$850,000
2. Briargate$485,000
3. Broadmoor$450,000
4. Rockrimmon$320,000
5. Black Forest$890,000
6. Peregrine$760,000
7. Pleasant Valley$427,000
8. Woodmen Hills$450,000
9. Pine Creek$650,000
10. Indigo Ranch$500,000

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2. Four Distinct Seasons

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

If you’re considering relocating to Colorado Springs, you will appreciate the weather in the city. The town is known for having moderate winters and summers. It is also known for having weather that changes dramatically throughout the day. For example, the day might start off nice and sunny and quickly switch to a snowstorm before the evening.

Winter brings a lot of snow and colder temperatures to the area, but there is still a good amount of sunny days that warm up the city and melt the snow before it’s around for too long. Because many inhabitants like winter activities, they make the most of every snowfall. Aside from downhill skiing, there are also options for snowshoeing, sledding, and ice hockey.

Though people enjoy winter activities, they also make the most of the warm weather throughout the summer. Summers in Colorado Springs are usually warm, with highs ranging from the mid-70s to the low 80s Fahrenheit. July is the hottest month of the year, with average highs in the mid-to upper-eighties.

3. Affordable Housing

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is the winner if you’re searching for affordable homes in Colorado. The prices are much more affordable than they are in the Denver Metro area, but they are rising quickly due to the recent influx of residents.

Many individuals prefer to live and invest in this rapidly-growing region since it is cheaper than most sections of the state. Although it isn’t super close to Denver, some people who work or commute there every day opt to reside in Colorado Springs because of its cheaper housing. In one of the most inexpensive housing markets in the state, the Pikes Peak region provides a varied selection of home possibilities.

4. Best Schools & Districts

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

If you’re relocating to Colorado Springs with children, make sure you choose a neighborhood with decent schools. Cheyenne Mountain School District No. 12 is not only regarded as one of the best in the area, but it is also one of the highest-ranked districts in the state. It contains one preschool, five elementary schools, one middle school, one high school, and one charter school and is located in the southwest part of Colorado Springs. The district has a total enrolment of roughly 5,100 students, with more than 85% of graduates going on to college.

Another excellent school district to consider is Colorado Springs School District 11. Downtown Colorado Springs is part of this core school district. District 11 is one of the city’s oldest school districts, with a long history of offering outstanding education to a diverse group of kids. The district now offers more than 60 schools and alternative education options, including 32 elementary schools, nine middle schools, four high schools, and five charter schools.

5. The Job Market

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

When considering relocation to Colorado Springs, you should also think about employment opportunities. The city’s economy is fueled by the defense, high-tech, and tourist industries.

The military sector is the most important part of Colorado Springs’ economy, and it employs many of the city’s residents. The development and operation of missile defense projects account for a significant share of this sector. Boeing, Harris Corporation, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, and L-3 Communications are all major defense companies in the region. In addition, Colorado Springs is home to the Space Foundation.

With this city growing as quickly as it is, the economy and job opportunities are sure to continue to flourish.

6. Quality of Life

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs has a very good quality of living and has a high livability score. Residents have many opportunities to spend time outside due to the wonderful weather throughout the year. Biking, jogging, and hiking are common everyday activities for the majority of inhabitants. This city is also regarded as one of the cleanest in the world, having pure air conditions.

7. Small Town Vibes

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

Despite the fact that Colorado Springs has a population of over 400,000 people, it has a small-town charm that makes you feel at ease.

The hospitable residents and local merchants genuinely shine, providing even more reasons to live and work in the neighborhood. Spending a day in the downtown area, where locals and visitors alike discover that Colorado Springs is truly a little town with a variety of shopping, festivals, events, and more, is one of the more relaxing pastimes. Colorado Springs’ small business entrepreneurs flourish in this community, offering everything from fresh-made cuisine to purpose-driven apparel.

8. The Air Force Academy

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

The Air Force Academy is a big reason to move to Colorado Springs. It is a military academy for officer cadets of the United States Air Force and Space Force. It has more than 4,000 students and employs hundreds of people in the Colorado Springs area.

Graduates of the academy’s four-year program receive a Bachelor of Science degree and are commissioned as second lieutenants in the U.S. Air Force or U.S. Space Force.

The Air Force Academy has great sports teams and is located on the Northside of Colorado Springs.

9. One-of-a-Kind Parks

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a terrific destination to visit if you enjoy spending time outdoors. Many parks can be found across the city, each of which offers something unique to enjoy.

There are activities for the whole family to enjoy in Memorial Park. Visit the Mark “Pa” Sertich Ice Center for public ice skating, take the kids to one of the three playgrounds, or go swimming, boating, or fishing at Prospect Lake and Bath House. The park features three baseball and softball grounds, 12 tennis courts, 15 football and soccer fields, horseshoe courts, and an indoor pool for anyone interested in participating in sports. Fox Run Regional Park is a popular hiking destination. There are 4 miles of multi-use paths here that go through dense ponderosa pine trees.

10. Annual Events

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

There’s always a great event or festival going on in Colorado Springs, no matter what time of year it is. The Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off is one of the most popular events where hundreds of hot air balloons take to the sky. This free event, held every Labor Day weekend in Memorial Park, adds a lot of excitement to the region.

Territory Days in Colorado Springs is another popular festival. Every Memorial Day weekend in historic Old Colorado City, this yearly celebration takes place. The Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo and Parade takes place every July, and it’s five days of pure pleasure. The Norris Penrose Event Center always hosts this amazing event.

11. Top Restaurants

In Colorado Springs, you’ll discover whatever style of food you’re looking for. The city is full of fantastic local restaurants as well as every chain you could hope for. The most common local restaurants in Colorado Springs will be Mexican and Hispanic restaurants. Be on the lookout for Colorado’s famous Green Chili dishes!

There are also a lot of German restaurants, cafés, and bakeries in the region, as well as a sizable German population. The Edelweiss German Restaurant is one of the most popular. This family-owned restaurant has been serving classic German foods including bratwurst, schnitzel, and sauerbraten for over 40 years. Of course, German cuisine isn’t the only type of cuisine available in Colorado Springs. Paravicini’s Italian Bistro is another renowned eatery. The cuisine at this award-winning restaurant includes classic Italian-American favorites as well as regional delicacies from all around Italy.

12. Sports Programs

Despite the fact that Colorado Springs does not have any major league sports teams, there is plenty of athletic activity in the city. The Colorado Springs Switchbacks Football Club, a professional soccer team in the United Soccer League, is based in the city. Get your tickets and come to Weidner Field on game day if you want to see a thrilling game and cheer with other fans. Concession stalls are also available in the stadium, where you may buy food and drinks to eat during the game.

If you enjoy baseball, the Rocky Mountain Vibes is a Minor League Baseball team that competes in the Pioneer League as the Milwaukee Brewers’ rookie affiliate. Security Service Field, one of the best ballparks in the Pioneer League, hosts the team. Consider purchasing seats to watch the game from the eight-person hot tub if you want to make your day at the ballpark extra memorable.

There are also tons of great sports programs for kids in the city! You’ll find great sporting opportunities anywhere from little leagues to high school athletics.

13. Brewing Companies

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

If you enjoy beer, the area’s astounding number of craft brewers will delight you. Bristol Brewing Co. is a great place to go if you want to try something new. This lively microbrewery, housed in a former elementary school, provides a variety of award-winning beers noted for their quality and purity. If you decide to visit, come to the Bristol Pub for a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

Storybook Brewing makes it simple to have a good time. This laid-back artisanal brewery is located in Colorado Springs’ northern reaches. Start your visit to Phantom Canyon Brewing Co. with a meal at the restaurant, which is located on the third floor of the three-story brewery, which is situated in a historic structure. You’ll find recipes that give some of your favorite classic foods a unique spin.

14. The Colorado Springs Airport

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

Denver International Airport is quite far from Colorado Springs, so it is super convenient that the town has its very own airport. This makes traveling from The Springs much easier, taking away the hassle of a long commute.

The airport might be a little more expensive and not have as many flight options, but having a local airport is still a great reason to make the move to this Colorado city.

15. Cafes and Diners

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

Where are the coffee and tea lovers? If you are one of them, this area is for you. Colorado is a tea and coffee-loving state. Every city you will live in will have a unique coffee shop or tea house that was born and raised in Colorado. Colorado Springs is no exception. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for freshly roasted coffee beans and delicious brewed tea.

Pikes Per Coffee and Tea house are one of the best cafes in the city. The taste of their coffee is more than excellent.

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16. Clean Water

A key necessity is a clean water for life in a city. You may obtain water from the tap in many Colorado communities along the Front Range and Colorado Springs. The water is pristine and has never been utilized before because it is fresh snow run-off from the mountains. So, instead of wasting money on bottled water, you may just get it from the sink. Although tap water is not available in all regions of the city, it is available in some, and Colorado Springs is one of them.

17. Transportation

You’ll need to know how to travel around Colorado Springs after you’ve arrived. If you’re in downtown Colorado Springs, walking is the most convenient method to get about. Traveling by foot is easy thanks to the city’s grid shape and tiny neighborhoods. Walking also makes it easy to explore the numerous unique stores and galleries. You’ll need to access the roads once you’ve left the downtown area. Interstate 25 is the principal route in the area, running north and south. U.S. Route 24, U.S. Route 87, State Highway 21, and State Highway 115 are all important routes in the Colorado Springs area.

Mountain Metropolitan Transit is in charge of the city’s public transportation. This system operates over 40 routes in the Colorado Springs area and serves over 11,000 one-way rides every day. Mountain Metropolitan Transit offers alternative transportation options like bicycling, carpooling, vanpooling, and walking in addition to regular public transportation.

18. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

If you have children, you will not want to miss a visit to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. The zoo is home to around 750 species, including the world-famous giraffe herd, which is the biggest in the world. The African Rift Valley, Australia Walkabout, Bear Grottos, Monkey Pavilion, Asian Highlands, Primate World, and Rocky Mountain Wild are among the zoo’s most popular exhibits. After you’ve seen the animals, check out the zoo’s other activities, like the rollercoaster, open-air chairlift, and My Big Backyard engaging family learning center.

19. Plenty of Museums

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs boasts a plethora of museums. The American Numismatic Association Money facility is the country’s biggest museum dedicated to numismatics or coin collecting. The museum’s displays are divided into three major halls, where you may learn everything there is to know about money. View the History of Money exhibit to learn about how money has evolved throughout the world over time. The Harry W. Bass Jr. Collection, one of the most complete U.S. gold coin collections with numerous rare coins, is another popular exhibit at the museum.

There are many other museums too. A few of them are listed below:

  • Penrose Heritage Museum
  • National Museum of World War II Aviation
  • Pikes Peak Trolley Museum
  • Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum
  • Pioneers Museum

20. The Olympic Training Center

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a city known for its athleticism. Colorado Springs is known as “Olympic City” since it is home to the headquarters of the United States Olympic Committee. It is home to an Olympic Training Center, which welcomes athletes competing in a variety of sports ranging from Judo to ice skating. Professional athletes and coaches flock to Colorado Springs for a variety of reasons, one of which being the city’s great natural training grounds and elevation. Athletes have been known to appreciate exercising while seeing the majestic Rocky Mountains. Colorado Springs is an excellent spot for prospective athletes to become involved.

21. College Sports Teams

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

Many sports teams are competing at the colleges in the Colorado Springs area, and the rivalries can be fierce. However, unlike in other regions of the country, it is not a football rivalry. It’s all about hockey and even lacrosse in this town.

The Colorado College Tigers are an excellent hockey team that competes against the University of Denver Pioneers in a close game. The Falcons of the United States Air Force Academy also have a game of hockey, football, lacrosse, and basketball teams that competes in NCAA Division I. In addition, the United States Air Force Academy and Colorado College both feature teams in the top-ranked Division III college ultimate Frisbee program in the country. Believe me, it’s worth watching.

22. Pikes Peak

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

Pikes Peak is the tallest mountain in Colorado and the southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. It is well over 14,000 feet high and can be seen from anywhere in the Colorado Springs area. Not only does Pikes Peak provide an incredible view for those in the Springs, but it also is full of great hikes and vistas. There are also many events and gatherings held near it throughout the year that many residents enjoy. This landmark is a big deal, you’ll be able to tell because most businesses in the town have incorporated “Pikes Peak” into their names and logos.

23. Historic Landmarks

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

If you wish to spend some time roaming around town, you can quickly come across various historic places and major landmarks – which is exactly what draws so many people to this lovely city each year. The Garden of the Gods, one of the most famous attractions in Colorado Springs, offers some of the greatest vistas and hiking trails in the city. The gorgeous red rock formations are incredibly beautiful and worth the visit!

24. Rocky Mountain Views

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

Don’t be concerned about getting lost if you’re relocating to Colorado Springs. With the Rocky Mountains as your guide, navigating the city is simple. Simply glance up and discover the mountains to assist you to navigate the city. On the left, mountains? You’re on your way north. If they’re on your right you’re heading south.

Sure, the mountains offer tons of fun and opportunities for camping, hiking, etc, but the best part is that they are always visible from any point in The Springs and add beauty to the whole city.

The iconic Pikes Peak, often known as America’s Mountain, can be viewed from all across the city, and it’s also a great drive for gorgeous vistas. Barr Trail is a tough trip for outdoor enthusiasts wishing to tackle a 14er hike that goes to 14,000 feet or more in height. Mountain biking, kayaking, fishing, and riding the Royal Gorge Route Railroad are all popular activities on Pikes Peak.

25. Outdoor Activities

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

Always bring an extra layer with you, as the height and mountain setting will require you to be prepared for sudden temperature fluctuations! Fortunately, there’s plenty to do outside in any season. In the summer, go trekking in the Garden of the Gods or whitewater rafting on the Colorado River.

In the spring and fall, visit the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park by foot, gondola, rail, or hot air balloon. Winter is ideal for skiing, snowboarding, hockey, snowshoeing, and many other activities. The Manitou Incline a one-mile section that reaches 2,000 feet in elevation can be tackled at any time of year by those wishing to boost their heart rates.

26. Hot Air Balloon Events

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

Because of the area’s breathtaking mountain views, hot air balloons and Colorado Springs go together better than peanut butter and jelly. Attend the Labor Day Lift Off event, the state’s largest hot air balloon festival, for one of the top free things to do in Colorado Springs.

Watch over 100 hot air balloons take flight, enjoy a free yoga lesson, sit front row for the Dunkin’ Donut Eating Championships, see an ax-throwing demonstration, and participate in interactive activities. Don’t worry if you missed out on this exciting weekend. Take a private hot air balloon trip with Adventures Out West or Rainbow Ryders to see your new home from above.

27. Food Trucks Galore

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs has excellent and unique food trucks. Food Network and other food truck competitions have even included some of the food trucks in the city. These trucks provide you with some of the finest sandwiches, tacos, and chicken you’ve ever had. It’s a lot of fun to sit or stand near a food truck with your friends or loved ones and wait for the meal.

28. Balance Between Work and Fun

Colorado Springs has a laid-back attitude that is ideal for both working and relaxing. Because there are so many things to do and places to see outside, everyone prioritizes having fun as much as working. People who reside here devote their complete attention and devotion to their profession. In simple terms, they enjoy their work as much as they enjoy other pastimes. It’s a city’s culture, and this culture makes it simple to strike a work-life balance.

29. Dog-Friendly City

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

Colorado as a whole is dog-friendly, and there are so many dog-friendly locations! Colorado Springs, in particular, offers several paths and parks where dogs may run free and off-leash. Pub Dog is a dog-friendly pub and brewery in the city. Some of the dog-friendly parks in the city are:

  • Bear Creek Dog Park
  • Cheyenne Meadows Dog Park
  • Rampart Dog Park
  • Red Rock Canyon Open Space
  • Garden of the Gods Dog Park

30. No Need for AC

Many residences in Colorado Springs do not have air conditioning since the mountains keep the city cool. The summers typically don’t get too hot, so many people save lots of money on not having to air condition their homes. During the spring and summer, you just open the windows and breathe in the fresh air. Of course, this is not true for all residences in The Springs, but many homes and apartments in Colorado do not have air conditioning. However, for me, that is a significant advantage of the city.

31. Farmers Markets

Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

Another reason people appreciate living in Colorado Springs is the farmer’s markets. Because of the limited growing seasons, fresh markets are a great treasure when they do appear. You’ll have access to some excellent, fresh, locally sourced foods, vegetables, and seasonal items. Customers depart delighted and with everything they require after shopping in a pleasant setting.

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