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31 Reasons to Move to Colorado in 2022

Reasons to Move to Colorado

Colorado is rapidly becoming one of THE most popular states in the country to move to. There are many aspects to living in Colorado that are attracting more and more people every year to make the move.

This article was made to help you understand the top reasons to move to Colorful Colorado so you can see if it’s the right fit for you!

31 Reasons to Move to Colorado

1. Amazing Cities to Live in2. Communities for Any Lifestyle3. Thriving Economy4. Four Distinct Seasons
5. More Sunny Days Than Florida6. The Great Outdoors7. Wildlife Right in Your Backyard8. So Many Sights to See
9. Geographic Diversity10. Amazing Hiking Trails11. Four National Parks12. 42 State Parks
13. Eight National Monuments14. The Red Rocks15. Denver International Airport16. One of the Healthiest & Most Active States
17. Lots and Lots of Breweries18. Jobs to Find in Any Industry19. Professional Sports Teams20. Dogs Are Family
21. Shopping Centers Around Every Corner22. Beautiful Lakes23. Wildlife Refugees24. Hot Air Balloon Events
25. Casino Hubs26. Highly Rated Schools & School Districts27. Hot Housing Market28. Booming Art Culture
29. One-of-a-Kind Restaurants30. Low Tax Rates31. Rich in History

Continue reading to dive deep into each one of these reasons to learn more about Colorado living and determine if it’s for you!

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1. Amazing Cities to Live in

Colorado Homes, Neighborhoods, Cities, and communities

One reason to move to Colorado is that it has the perfect mix of urban, suburban, and rural cities.

The state of Colorado is more than just Denver, Vail, and Aspen. There are dozens of cities in Colorado where you can easily settle down and enjoy life. The best thing about these cities is that they can be great fits for any lifestyle or background.

These cities below are all full of the schools, parks, shopping centers, markets, recreation centers, hospitals, restaurants, and entertainment that you will ever need!

If you want to live in a place where life is buzzing and active, then Denver, Aurora, or Lone Tree would be perfect for you.

If you prefer to live in a more spacious and suburban area, then you can go for the options like Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Parker, or Littleton.

If you’d like to live in a more open and rural area, then you should definitely consider great towns like Castle Pines, Sedalia, or Conifer.

Below is a list of our top 10 Colorado cities to live in along with their median home prices.

10 Amazing Colorado Cities to Live in

CityMedian Home Price
1. Denver$534,100
2. Castle Rock$600,000
3. Castle Pines$775,000
4. Highlands Ranch$625,000
5. Parker$625,000
6. Lone Tree$750,000
7. Littleton$550,000
8. Lakewood$510,000
9. Centennial$575,000
10. Aurora$430,000

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Best Colorado Cities to Live in

Browse Colorado’s Top Listings

2. Communities for Any Lifestyle

Reasons to Move to Colorado

Another reason to move to Colorado is that there are great communities, neighborhoods, and places to live that support any lifestyle. We wanted to go deeper and address some of the top neighborhoods and communities, within these cities mentioned previously, that is amazing to live in.

You can count on each Colorado city having great communities to live in. The state is known for having a lot of parks, open areas, trails, and ponds surrounding its neighborhoods which gives all of these communities natural vibes. Colorado neighborhoods hold frequent events and get-togethers that are incredibly fun and allow you to get to know those who live around you.

See below for our list of 10 of Colorado’s best neighborhoods to settle down in:

10 Amazing Colorado Communities & Neighborhoods

NeighborhoodMedian Home Price
1. The Meadows, Castle Rock$585,000
2. Platt Park, Denver$850,000
3. The Pinery, Parker$750,000
4. Sterling Ranch, Littleton$800,000
5. Backcountry, Highlands Ranch$1,400,000
6. The Canyons, Castle Pines$1,200,000
7. Heritage Hills, Lone Tree$1,300,000
8. Green Mountain Village, Lakewood$569,000
9. Tallyn’s Reach, Aurora$713,500
10. The Knolls, Centennial$745,000

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3. Thriving Economy

Reasons to Move to Colorado

In recent years, Colorado has seen some great growth in its economy. A steady uplift in Gross Domestic Product has helped keep the economy rising over the last decade. This GDP growth means that the goods, products, and services produced or manufactured by Colorado’s economy are now in the mid of a positive and uplifting trend.

In 2019, the gross production rate of Colorado reached the figure of $353 billion which allows the growth of a whole 3.6% over the time span of 5 years. According to stats, the growth of the economy of Colorado is expected to improve by 4% and more than $3 billion more in General Fund revenue by the years 2022-2023.

This is a great sign and reason to make the move to Colorado seeing that the economy continues to rise and support its residents. Making the move now can ensure that you reap these great economic benefits of living in the state.

4. Four Distinct Seasons

Reasons to Move to Colorado

This reason might surprise you, but a great reason to move to Colorado is for its weather. All things considered, Colorado has a fairly moderate climate and residents love the fact that there are four distinct seasons. Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring are all very unique and prevalent throughout the state.

The summers are nice and rarely go above 95 degrees. There is snowfall in the winters and it can be a lot, but for the most part, the sun comes back out and melts the snow that same day. The springs and falls are happy mediums and typically have great weather than everyone enjoys.

It helps that the state of Colorado gets on average 300 days of sun, which is more than the state of Florida. This makes the winters bearable for nearly anyone. We’ll talk more about this below.

Below are some activities that Coloradans enjoy during the summer and winter seasons:

Winter ActivitiesSummer Activities
Ice FishingHiking
Ice skatingRock Climbing
Snow TubingWhitewater Rafting
Cross Country SkiingGolfing
SnowshoeingMountain Biking

5. More Sunny Days Than Florida

Reasons to Move to Colorado

Yes, you heard it right! One reason that influences many people to move to Colorado is the sunny days. Colorado gets on average 300 days of sun which is more than the state of Florida’s average! This is why the weather stays very moderate compared to other states that get a good amount of snowfall. That’s why people can enjoy outdoor activities even in winter.

In the winter, residents get enough sunlight to make their day shinier and brighter. It really is a mood booster!

Many people find this reason the main reason to move to Colorado. It is not easy to find another state to live in that has this much sun that has moderate summers and four distinct seasons!

6. The Great Outdoors

Reasons to Move to Colorado

It is easy to find incredible outdoor places in Colorado to spend your time. With an abundance of parks, green open spaces, trails, rivers, lakes, and the Rocky Mountains practically in your backyard, Colorado is the perfect setting to enjoy nature. 92% of Colorado people take part in outdoor recreation activities each year. Examples of these activities include skiing, kayaking, biking, hiking, etc. This helps Coloradans stay healthy and active.

7. Wildlife Right in Your Backyard

Reasons to Move to Colorado

A very common reason to move to Colorado is for its abundance of wildlife that is found everywhere. This is due to the communities and cities being mixed within open spaces, fields, and forests.

In Golden, Colorado, for example, it is very common to look out at the open space in your backyard and see a full herd of elk. It is even more common to see groups of deer migrating through the streets of neighborhoods. There are many other types of animals that are just breathtaking to see in Colorado. You’ll be surprised with how in-tune with nature you’ll feel in this state.

8. So Many Sites to See

Reasons to Move to Colorado

Perhaps one of the most popular reasons to move to Colorado is for its jaw-dropping views, vistas, and scenic spots.

If you ask someone why they love Colorado, a very common answer you will hear is “Because it’s just too pretty!”. And this is right. Colorado offers scenery you can find nowhere else.

In almost every part of the state, you will find astonishing sights of the Rocky Mountains. The sunset and sunrise in Colorado offer a beautiful twist to the gorgeous sights to see. People usually visit the rocky mountains before the sunrise and enjoy the scene of the sun rising which is unforgettable. Also, people love to hike there because the views at each spot will leave you awestruck.

9. Geographic Diversity

Reasons to Move to Colorado

Another one of the 31 reasons to move to Colorado is that this state has diverse geography! This means everything or every kind of geographical area is available in Colorado.

Whether it’s mountains, deserts, plains, lakes, rivers, etc you can bet it’ll be here in Colorful Colorado!

10. Amazing Hiking Trails

Reasons to Move to Colorado

Colorado is home to over 17,000 trails to hike and explore! If that doesn’t sound amazing then I don’t know what does! Just think about the incredible adventures you can have and the unforgettable sights you’ll see!

The great part is that these trails and hikes can be very quick and easy as well as very long and complex. There are perfect trails for you no matter what you are looking for!

Colorado is also home to 81 waterfalls to explore. It is such a lovely sight to see after a long hike or run. Bridal Vails Fall is the longest waterfall in Colorado and is one of the many tourist attractions.

Also, the best thing is that not every waterfall requires a lot of hiking effort. Some waterfalls are just off the road. So, if you are not up for hiking then these off-the-road-waterfalls are right there for you.

11. Four National Parks

Reasons to move to Colorado

Colorado has four national parks, and each of these is worth bragging about. Each one is listed below:

  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Mesa Verde National Park
  • Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve
  • Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

The most famous park in Colorado, The Rocky Mountain National park is a hot spot not just for Colorado people but also for international tourists. This national park encompasses the alpine tundra, mountains, forests, and Continental Divide.

The Great Sand Dunes Park is famous for huge dunes which look like a mountain range of sand.

Messa Verde is full of ancient relics of inhabitants of the state from many years ago.

Black Canyon is known for its distinctive marbled cliff face.

Each of these parks is amazing to explore and is a great reason to move to Colorado.

12. 42 State Parks

Reasons to Move to Colorado

If you want to live in a place where there is an abundance of state parks then Colorado has to be your number one choice. Here you can find lots of public and private parks to enjoy nature. The great thing to notice here is that these parks are not miles and miles away from the actual neighborhoods or cities. You can get to them very quickly and conveniently!

Some famous parks in Colorado you must visit are Barr Lake State Park, Chatfield State Park, Cherry Creek State Park, and Trinidad Lake State Park. These parks are also a hot spot for residents as well as tourists to visit and enjoy and spend some time in the company of nature.

13. Eight National Monuments

Reasons to Move to Colorado

All the national monuments in Colorado are spectacular sights and they will surely leave you in awe. Whether made by man or by earth the monuments in Colorado will never let you down as their uniqueness is something you can never forget.

The Colorado National Monument in Fruita is an example that Colorado people love and is also one of the hottest spots for both residents and tourists. Also, the Brown Canyon National Monument in Salida and the Chimney Rock National Monument in Chimeny rock are worth visiting.

14. The Red Rocks

Reasons to Move to Colorado

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre of Colorado is famous because it holds the most famous concerts, events, fairs, comedy acts, and outdoor movies the state has to offer. Local residents go crazy for it and tourists visit from far and wide to spend time there.

It is also a very great place to go explore or use as a morning workout.

It is said that there is no better place than Red Rocks to watch the stars. The area is like heaven for stargazers.

15. Denver International Airport

Reasons to Move to Colorado

The Denver Internation Airport (DIA) is one of the best airports in the nation. Since Colorado is located conveniently in the middle of the US, the DIA makes it easy to travel to wherever you need to go. It is also great having an international airport in the state that you live in, especially if you like to travel around the world.

16. One of the Healthiest & Most Active States

Colorado is home to open spaces, parks, and outdoor activities. The beautiful landscape and great weather year-round ensure the active and healthy lifestyle of its residents. Overall, the state of Colorado has ranked the 2nd healthiest state in the whole nation!

If you still haven’t made up your mind then this is a cue for you to move to Colorado because who doesn’t want to live healthy lives. And living in an already healthy community can it much easier.

17. Lots and Lots of Breweries

If you enjoy beer and breweries, then this is a great reason to move to Colorado. Colorado has the fourth most breweries per capita in the US.

Colorado isn’t just famous for its open spaces, parks, and healthy lifestyle. It also fits bets for all those entertainment lovers. The brewery industry in Colorado is famous across America. In almost every city and neighborhood you can find several bars, pubs, and brewer spots to have a few drinks every now and then.

Coors Conquer Colorado is famous and the oldest brewery industry which dates back to the late 1800s and is loved by locals. Bristol Brewing Company, Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout – Oak Aged, Oskar Blues Ten FIDY – Bourbon Barrel Aged, WeldWerks Coconut Medianoche, Colorado Mountain Brewery, and Goat patch Brewing company are also very famous. The Denver Metro Area of Colorado is home to the most breweries in Colorado.

18. Jobs to Find in Any Industry

Reasons to Move to Colorado

As we have already mentioned, a great reason to move to this state is for the economy. Well, this booming economy is also affecting the job market. Now the job opportunities are increasing in Colorado like never before. According to the reports of Denver posts, the job sector of Colorado is the “strongest and consistent” it’s been since the 1900s. The most in-demand jobs in Colorado are;

  • Nurses
  • Physician Assistants
  • Software Engineers
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Database Administrators
  • Physical Therapists
  • Teachers

19. Professional Sports Teams

Reasons to Move to Colorado

Sports in Colorado is part of the culture, and there are great sports teams to follow. Whether it is basketball, football, volleyball, or lacrosse, baseball, or any other sport, Colorado has every team and dozens of practicing fields for these teams to show and practice their talents.

20. Dogs Are Family

Reasons to Move to Colorado

Are you a dog owner? Looking for a  place to move to that is a dog-friendly space? Well, here is another reason for you to move to Colorado. All of Colorado is dog-friendly. It is rare to see someone going for a walk without a dog by their side.

You can find multiple parks made for your four-legged friends and then there are long trails and sidewalks which are perfect to go on a stroll them that you’ll both enjoy.

21. Shopping Centers Around Every Corner

Reasons to Move to Colorado

Denver, Aurora, Boulder, Centennial, and Colorado Springs, are the hub of shopping centers. These neighborhoods have enormous numbers of shopping centers and markets and would be perfect for you if you like roaming around in malls in your free time.

Other small neighborhoods might lack the number of shopping centers but there would be at least one in their surrounding neighborhood to cover up for that. Or simply you can drive to Denver at the end of the week to find things on your shopping list. But still, most of the neighborhoods are like shopping hubs for Colorado people.

22. Beautiful Lakes

Reasons to Move to Colorado

One just can’t get enough of the amazing lakes of Colorado, especially the ones located in the Rockies. You can find varieties of lakes in the state, whether they be man-made reservoirs or natural bodies of water. Most of these lakes allow for boating, kayaking, swimming, and paddleboarding, so you can go out and enjoy a nice weekend in the water!

23. Wildlife Refuges

Reasons to move to Colorado

Are you an animal lover? Well, Colorado takes great care of its wildlife, and that is a good reason for you to make the move! The number of national parks is perfectly designed to protect the wildlife and shows how serious Colorado officials are about their wildlife. There are dozens of Wildlife refuges in Colorado that are on duty 24/7 to prevent any kind of mishappenings to occur in the wildlife area.

24. Hot Air Balloon Events

Reasons to Move to Colorado

Ever sailed away in a hot air balloon? If not, then you can have the chance in Colorado. The Hot Air Balloons of Colorado is famous across the nation and people visit from all over to experience them.

Rainbow Ryders Hot Air Balloons, Fair Winds Hot Air Balloon Flights, and Life Cycle Hot Air Balloon Adventures are some of the major names which people mostly trust to ride in those flying balloons. Every year a hot Air balloon festival is held which is a stunning sight to view even if you are just watching from the ground. 

25. Casino Hubs

Denver boasts the most Casinos in Colorado, but Central city is also home to many casinos and is known as the Casino Hub of Colorado. Also, you cannot miss Cripple Creek because it is another casino hub in Colorado whose history dates back to 1991. The list doesn’t stop here.

Are you a gambling person? Come try your luck here in Colorado!

26. Highly Rated Schools & School Districts

In 2021, the state of Colorado ranked as the 3rd most educated state in America and that’s quite an achievement to hold. Colorado has some of the best and most highly-ranked schools scattered around the whole state. There are also some great school districts that treat students, teachers, and parents great. Cherry Creek School District is known for having some of the best schools in the state of Colorado.

27. Hot Housing Market

Reasons to Move to Colorado

People love to live in Colorado. This means that the housing market is almost always booming in the state. And thanks to low tax rates now the market is hotter than ever!

This could be seen as a reason not to move to Colorado since the housing prices are so high. However, we see this as a huge pro to living in the state because your home is sure to appreciate in value very fast! If you can afford to move to the state initially, you will gain equity in your home very quickly!

28. Booming Art Culture

Reasons to Move to Colorado

The Arts Culture of Colorado is something locals can’t stop bragging about. There are dozens of art museums, music theatres, visual arts organizations, and art galleries to entertain you about the rich history of Colorado as well as America.

29. One-of-a-Kind Restaurants

Reasons to Move to Colorado

It would be a shame to not include this reason in the list of 31 reasons to move to Colorado because you just cannot ignore the variety of restaurants.

Some of the most popular dishes in the state are listed below:

  • Rocky Mountain Oysters
  • Colorado Style Pizza – Beau Jo’s Colorado Style Pizza
  • Palisade Peaches
  • Bison
  • Olathe Sweet Corn
  • Colorado Style Green Chili (Chili Verde)

30. Low Tax Rates

As mentioned briefly above, Colorado has substantially lower tax rates than other states do. This is a great reason to move to the state because no one really enjoys paying taxes!

31. Rich in History

Reasons to Move to Colorado

Colorado has a rich history, one which dates back 14,000 years. Technically, Colorado wasn’t even a state till 1876 when it was first recognized as the new state of America. The museums of Colorado hold a great part of the history of Colorado and one can learn a lot about the state by those paintings and other stuff.

More Information About Colorado

Colorado is the eighth most extensive and 21st most populous state of the US which encompasses most of the southern rocky mountains and western edge of the Great Plains. Colorado which is known as “Colorful Colorado” is one of the best states of the US where the modern lifestyle is much more affordable as compared to other states like Seattle, New York, and San Francisco. Today, we will tell you some of the best reasons to move to Colorado. So, stick to the end to get to know about amazing reasons why you should move to Colorado.

According to a census last year, in 2020, the population of Colorado is 5,773,714 which is an increase of whole 10% since the last census held in 2010. The state of Colorado is bordered by Nebraska to the Northeast, Wyoming to the North, Oklahoma to the southeast, New Mexico to the South, Kansas to the east, Utah to the west, and Arizona to the Southwest. Colorado is home to healthy outdoor activities, the best restaurants, good health, and sanitary conditions, the best school districts, and the best parks and recreation centers.

According to Mind Body Green, Colorado state also has the lowest obesity rate in the country making it one of the most active states in America.

Total Area104,094 sq mi (269,837 Km2)
Land Area Water Area103,718 sq mi 376 sq mi
Elevation Highest Elevation Lowest Elevation68,000 ft 14,440 ft 3,317 ft
Density55.47 sq mi
No. of Cities272 active incorporated municipalities, comprising 197 towns, 73 cities, and two consolidated city and county governments.
Livability Score of Colorado69/100 Ranked at 58th percentile of all cities in America

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