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11 Reasons to Move to Castle Rock, Colorado in 2022

Reasons to Move to Castle Rock

This is an article dedicated to breaking down 11 reasons to move to Castle Rock, Colorado. This information will help you discover if living in Castle Rock would be a good fit for you and your lifestyle.

11 Reasons to Move to Castle Rock Colorado

Castle Rock is one of the medium-sized towns in the state of Colorado. It is located south of Denver and north of Colorado Springs and has an elevation of 6,200 feet. The town was built in the late 1800s and its name is after the local rock structure that resembles a castle wall on a hill, which originally lured explorers looking for gold. Castle Rock is Colorado’s 17th biggest city, with a population of approximately 69,000 residents.

  1. Great Neighborhoods & Communities
  2. Centralized Location
  3. The MAC
  4. Riverwalk Area
  5. Education System
  6. Unique Culture
  7. Moderate Weather Seasons
  8. Hospitals & Medical Care
  9. Lifestyle of the Citizens
  10. Restaurants & Shopping
  11. Spectacular Views

Read on for the full breakdown of each one of these reasons to move to Colorado Springs to see if living in the city is right for you!

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1. Great Neighborhoods & Communities

The 11 Best Neighborhoods in Castle Rock, Colorado

The first reason we are going to tell you is the vast and great neighborhoods of Castle Rock. The neighborhoods in this city offer charm with nearby contemporary comforts. When you live in any neighborhood in Castle Rock, you will have convenient access to restaurants, hotels, charming boutiques, and stores.

Residents in the neighborhoods are really loving and lively. The neighborhoods of the city are a combination of slow-paced life and contemporary amenities, and each one has a unique touch to it. If you love stunning vistas of the Front Range of the Rockies, then the Meadows is the best option. The Meadows is also popular for its schools and hospital. Red Hawk is popular for its Golf Course and walking trails. Plum Creek is known for its affordable living as well as for being very close to the highway. Many new residents of Castle Rock migrate to The Terrain as it is a large up-and-coming community with incredible amenities.

Check out our list of Castle Rock’s top 11 neighborhoods and click here to read our full article breaking down each one.

NeighborhoodsMedian Home Price
1. The Meadows $585,000
2. The Terrain $625,000
3. Crystal Valley $600,000
4. Red Hawk $680,000
5. Plum Creek $505,000
6. Castlewood Ranch $510,000
7. Founders Village $480,000
8. Diamond Ridge $1,500,000
9. Sapphire Pointe $600,000
10. Montaine $750,000
11. Macanta $800,000

2. Centralized Location

Reasons to Move to Castle Rock

Castle Rock has a great location. The area combines small-town charm with nearby contemporary comforts while still being very close to Colorado’s largest cities. This city is located 30 miles south of Denver, 20 miles south of the Denver Technological Center (DTC), and 35 miles north of Colorado Springs. It is also not far at all from other popular Denver suburbs like Parker, Highlands Ranch, Castle Pines, and Lone Tree.

Not only is Castle Rock close in proximity to other Colorado cities, but the town itself is very centralized. Restaurants and Shopping malls are nearby. Castle Rock is an appealing residential town due to its closeness to large urban areas, clean atmosphere, natural beauty of the Colorado foothills, and accessibility to a variety of recreational facilities. These facilities are available because the location of the town is so good. People who are living in the town have easy access to highways and trails.

3. The MAC

Reasons to Move to Castle Rock

The MAC, or the Phillip S. Miller Park / Miller Activity Complex, is a 300-acre recreational area in Castle Rock that is absolutely gorgeous. This area offers amazing experiences and activities to Castle Rock residents from a large ropes course, venues, parks, fields, trails, hikes, work our areas, a pool, etc.

Whether you are going out for a stroll, looking for adventure, wanting to hit up a batting cage, or just hanging out and enjoying the day, the MAC is the place to do it. Castle Rock residents love the proximity of the MAC and all of the fun and relaxation it offers, most of which is 100% free!

4. Riverwalk Area

Reasons to Move to Castle Rock

Downtown Castle Rock was just recently revamped and updated. This new area right in the middle of town is now known as Riverwalk. The Riverwalk area is absolutely gorgeous and offers incredible baths to walk or bike on. There is a little creek that runs right under the bridges of the area that is fun to play it or sit by.

Riverwalk offers Castle Rock residents anything from condos to live in, top-notch restaurants to dine at, to luxurious outdoor areas to enjoy. In fact, this area hosts a lot of incredible events throughout the year that includes bands, food trucks, and booths to see.

Riverwalk is definitely one of Castle Rock’s crowing jewels!

5. Education System

Reasons to Move to Castle Rock

The education system of Castle Rock is fantastic. This city is served by the most famous and above-average schools located in the great Douglas Country School district. Each of them has a solid reputation and are great places to send your kids.

Below are a few to look into if you’re relocating to the city:

  • Castle Rock Elementary
  • Castle Rock Middle School
  • Castle Rock High School
  • Douglas County High School,
  • Sage Canyon Elementary

6. Unique Culture

Reasons to Move to Castle Rock

People in Castle Rock love their culture and they really respect their artists. Culture and Artistic events and activities are popular all across the state of Colorado, and Castle Rock is no exception. Artfest is held in downtown Castle Rock for two days in September, the weekend following Labor Day, to showcase the work of almost 200 artists from throughout the country.

Wine Fest is another celebration or event that includes, wine tastings of almost 200 Colorado wines. The event is held outside in the clear, clean Colorado air. The Greater Castle Rock Art Guild, a club made up of artists and others who support and enjoy art provides lots of fellowship for the community’s creative people. The renaissance festival lasts throughout the summer and pays homage to a time when knights and castles were commonplace.

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7. Moderate Weather Seasons

Reasons to Move to Castle Rock

If we talk about the weather of the city of Castle Rock then I must say the climate or weather in this town is really pleasant, with a semi-arid climate that is particularly nice in the summer due to low humidity. The best part about Castle Rock is that there are four distinct seasons. Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall are all prevalent in the town every year.

As a general rule of thumb, summers are hot but not scorching, winters are old and dry but the sun often comes out to warm the day up a bit, and the springs and autumns are amazing mediums of the two.

Colorado in general sees on average 300 sunny days a year, so even during the colder months, Castle Rock is still a really nice place to live in.

The temperature generally ranges from 19 degrees Fahrenheit to 83 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, with temperatures seldom falling below 3 degrees or rising over 91 degrees. The ideal time to visit Castle Rock for warm-weather activities, according to tourists’ reviews, is from mid-June to late August. 

8. Hospitals & Medical Care

Reasons to Move to Castle Rock

Since 2013, The Castle Rock communities have learned to admire the convenience of having access to professional Medical care close to home. The nearest hospital for the citizens is Castle Rock Adventist Hospital which is conveniently located in the middle of town.

There is a total of 26 hospitals in and nearby the city. The doctors are really good and cooperative and the hospitals provide advanced care to a variety of specialists.

Across the wide range of medical facilities, services, and initiatives, their medical team is complete and provides exceptional treatment, high-quality outcomes, and unsurpassed patient satisfaction. The closest alternative hospital to Castle Rock is in Lone Tree, about 10 minutes north, near the new E-470 beltway.

There are also a good number of Urgent Care facilities sprinkled throughout the town which offer quicker day-to-day care.

9. Lifestyle of Citizens

Reasons to Move to Castle Rock

Living in Castle Rock is just another level of fun and enjoyment because of the people who live here, their active lifestyle, their loving hearts, and their fun life. They love to do different activities not only outdoor but also love to do indoor activities with their neighbors and friends.

The people in the city are always ready to help each other. Everyone pays attention to the neighborhood and what is happening in the community. Most people in Castle Rock are homeowners and live with their families. Residents of the city have found the balance between enjoying themselves and working hard.

As we know that the city of Castle Rock is close to both Denver and Colorado Springs, people who are seeking jobs have this benefit. The people in the city really respect their values and culture. Citizens are not arrogant; if you are thinking to shift to this city then you are going to get a family-friendly environment.

10. Restaurants and Shopping

Reasons to Move to Castle Rock

With over 100 restaurants and diners to choose from, Castle Rock has found its niche. Local family-owned restaurants such as a historic Western salon, a stone chapel, or a trendy microbrewery will give you unforgettable meals spanning a variety of cuisines. Many of the recipes, which range from gourmet to home-style, are local favorites that use fresh vegetables produced in the area. Whatever your taste, you will be able to discover the ideal atmosphere and gastronomic experience to satiate your hunger. There is even a 5-star non-profit restaurant located in the local Castle Rock hospital!

When it comes to fast-food chains, Castle Rock has everything you could be craving and much, much more!

There are many shopping malls and shops in Castle Rock but the most famous mall in the city is The Outlets, a destination outlet mall with over 120 shops, restaurants, and banquet rooms, which offers everything from designer boutiques. You are guaranteed to have a wonderful time whether you are shopping, dining, relaxing, or enjoying one of the renowned day spas.

11. Spectacular Views

Reasons to Move to Castle Rock

Unlike some of the other suburbs of the Denver Metro region, Castle Rock has some absolutely stunning views. The Front Range of the Rocky Mountains is visible from nearly every section of the city. You can also see the great Pikes Peak when looking southwards. There is also, of course, the great Castle Rock located in the middle of the city for all to see. It is an incredible landmark that adds an amazing feel to the area.

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Landon Bellum is a REALTOR® and the Marketing Manager at MODestate. He helps people buy, sell, and invest in real estate throughout the Greater Denver and Colorado Springs areas. He also helps people find exceptional realtors throughout the United States to assist them with their real estate needs no matter where they are. Landon graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management - Marketing from BYU-Idaho with a minor in Latin American Languages. He is a competitive pickleball player and loves strategic board games that last 3+ hours. Landon is also fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

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