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The Top 11 Neighborhoods in Lone Tree, Colorado in 2022

Best Neighborhoods in Lone Tree to Live in

This is an article dedicated to breaking down the best neighborhoods and communities in Lone Tree, Colorado to live in. This information will help you discover what areas in Lone Tree would be a good fit for you, your lifestyle, and your finances.

Lone Tree’s 11 Top Neighborhoods to Live in

NeighborhoodsMedian Home Price
1. Heritage Hills$1,300,000
2. Heritage Estates$1,500,000
3. Montecito$980,000
4. Carriage Club$750,000
5. The Charter$712,000
6. The Fairways$950,000
7. RidgeGate$950,000
8. Bluffmont Estates$581,000
9. Muirfield$557,450
10. McArthur Ranch$667,500
11. Wildcat Ridge$750,000

Lone Tree is a south Denver suburb located between Littleton and Parker, just off I-25. It is 20 miles from downtown Denver, bordered by Parker to the East, Littleton and Highlands Ranch to the west, and Englewood and Centennial to the North. It is also located very close to the Denver Tech Center area.

Lone Tree is one of Colorado’s nicest locations to live. See the list above to get an idea of the best neighborhoods and places to live in this Colorado city.

Continue reading to dive deeper into each one of these neighborhoods to see which one is the best fit for you!

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1. Heritage Hills

Heritage Hills Lone Tree

Lone Tree’s Heritage Hills is a fabulous and fantastic community just south of Centennial in northern Douglas County. It is a beautiful neighborhood with excellent amenities. From Heritage Hills, you can take the light rail to Downtown Denver to see a show, go to a sporting event, or go out to dine and shop. It is about a five-minute drive from I-25 and the Park Meadows Mall.

It is a posh, gated neighborhood with properties ranging from $700,000-$1,500,000 million. If you have the money saved up to buy luxury real estate and want to be right in the heart of Colorado’s best shopping areas, then Heritage Hills is a great fit for you!

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2. Heritage Estates

Heritage Estates Lone Tree

Heritage Estates is one of the best neighborhoods in Lone Tree. This neighborhood is found southwest of the intersection of East Lincoln Avenue and South Yosemite Street/Ridgeway Parkway. This neighborhood began developing in the early-mid 1990s. Heritage Estates is developed on and around the Lone Tree Golf Course’s fairways. is located near Bluffs Regional Park, Park Meadows Mall, I-25, C-470, and E-470.

Heritage Estates homes are located in a private, gated neighborhood. Many of the properties back up to the lovely Bluffs Regional Park. Some Homes feature views of the Championship Lone Tree Golf Club and Hotel, and residents of the neighborhood have access to private tennis courts and pools. Residents have easy access to the Denver Tech Center, world top-class shopping, and outdoor leisure.

This is another Lone Tree luxury neighborhood, so be prepared to spend around $1,000,000-$2,000,000+ here for a home.

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3. Montecito

Montecito Lone Tree

Montecito is another beautiful neighborhood in Lone Tree with neighbors that are very welcoming and cheerful. The environment is very family-friendly and people welcome new families with a lot of good wishes. There are many outdoor activities in this neighborhood of Lone Tree. Hiking spots and trails are not far. There are Parks and shopping malls right around the corner and you don’t even need a car to go to Park or shopping Mall.

Sky Ridge Medical Center, Lone Tree Rec Center, and Prairie Sky Park are all within walking distance to homes in Montecito. Montecito is also close to Denver Tech Center, world-class shopping, and a plethora of outdoor leisure activities. The average price of houses in Montecito is $800,000-$1,400,000.

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4. Carriage Club

Carriage Club Lone Tree

Carriage Club is another wealthy neighborhood in Lone Tree city, but you can also find more affordable single-family residences in the $600,000s-$700,000s.

Carriage Club is a well-maintained neighborhood with a lot of outdoor and indoor activities. The environment in this neighborhood of Lone tree is very peaceful and has all sorts of trails to hike. This neighborhood is also known for its cleanliness.

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5. The Charter

The Charter Lone Tree

The Charter was the city of Lone Tree’s first community or neighborhood to be constructed. It is a quiet and peaceful neighborhood with very cheerful residents. It is a tree-lined neighborhood and Sweetwater Park is bordered by this calm neighborhood. The people lobbied for facilities like trails and parks to be built in the neighborhood, and they got them. The Charter is made up of almost 345 residences. Residents that live in The Charter tend to be extroverts who love going outside and getting to know new people. They do different activities to maintain the good environment of the neighborhood.

The houses here might be older compared to other Lone Tree neighborhoods but are well-maintained and well-decorated. The average price of the house is $700,000 to $1 million.

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6. The Fairways

The Fairways Lone Tree

The Fairways neighborhood is between Lincoln, Yosemite Avenue, and the Lone Tree golf course. The Fairways neighborhood of Lone Tree is known for its huge semi-custom homes on large lots. This neighborhood is located quite conveniently to stores as well as restaurants and recreational trails. You can go to the best shopping area in Colorado within five minutes.

The Fairways houses are located very close to the Lone Tree Golf Club and Hotel. The Fairways is also very close to Denver Tech Center. This community is located west of Yosemite St. and contains approximately 300 residences or houses that were built in the late 1990s. Many of the houses are 3,000 square feet or larger. Expect to pay around $700,000-$1,500,000 to buy a home in The Fairways.

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7. RidgeGate

RidgeGate Lone Tree

RidgeGate is a master-planned neighborhood in Lone Tree, Colorado. It combines natural and urban features. Beautiful natural open spaces, parks, and trails are situated next to residential subdivisions. Shopping, dining, and business districts are all easily accessible and located within a walkable distance. RidgeGate is also the most connected neighborhood in the Denver area. RidgeGate is a 3,500-acre mixed-use development, including 1,000 acres dedicated to open space, parks, and prairies.

The goal is to develop a community that relies less on cars and encourages residents to adopt alternative modes of transportation. The neighborhoods are linked by walking and biking trails, and there are three light rail stations nearby.

RidgeGate is the most diverse community in Lone Tree to live in. Single-family homes, custom homes, townhomes, apartments, and lofts are among the types of homes being constructed. Whatever you pick, it will be built in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Downtown Denver is only a few minutes away, and RidgeGate is home to a variety of retail, establishments, and eateries.

While the townhomes and single-family residences are pretty affordable to Lone Trees standards, you can also find extremely luxurious homes that sell for millions in this area.

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8. Bluffmont Estates

Bluffmont Estates Lone Tree

Bluffmont is ideally positioned among premium adjacent subdivisions, as well as commercial malls, restaurants, and retail outlets. Bluffmont also boasts the Douglas County Bluffs Regional Park, which offers approximately 200 acres of nature and trails that span the whole Bluff. Hiking, horseback riding, and running are all allowed on the paths. Residents can take their pets for walks along this 100-mile stretch of trails and picturesque road.

Bluffmont is located just off the RidgeGate Parkway. Toll Brothers developed nearly 200 condominiums and townhomes in the early 2000s, which are situated on the side of a substantial bluff that’s why it was named Bluffmont. Residents are close to amenities and the complex has several amazing facilities. Tennis courts and a community pool are among them. It is also near a golf course.

The prices of these properties are basically the most affordable you’ll find in the city of Lone Tree. You can expect to pay anywhere from $400,000-$700,000 for a place to live in this community.

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9. Muirfield

Muirfield Lone Tree

Muirfield is near the intersection of Lincoln and Fairways Street. In this neighborhood, charming brick townhomes have high ceilings and plenty of windows. Most of the houses have multiple outside areas such as a courtyard, deck, and patio. Some homes have walkout basements. The neighborhood is peaceful and welcoming and residents don’t need a car to go to get around. The Club House is conveniently located adjacent to the Lone tree Golf club.

Muirfield, like most neighborhoods or communities in Lone Tree, is close to shopping, restaurants, and trails. Muirfield offers houses with a great variety of gorgeous styles, various sizes, and moderate rates. The houses of this neighborhood are typically around 2,900 square feet.

The prices of these houses range from $500,000-$700,000. 

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10.McArthur Ranch

McArthur Ranch Lone Tree

McArthur Ranch is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Lone Tree. The neighborhood is relatively large geographically, so some of the homes actually seep into Littleton. Some lots provide views of the Rockies, downtown Denver, or the Denver Tech Center Skyline. McArthur Ranch is located in the southern region of Lone Tree and is advantageously surrounded by various parks in the neighborhood.

The McArthur Ranch community is easily accessible from the rest of the Metro Denver area. Not only is McArthur ranch a lovely neighborhood full of single-family homes, but the horse holdings provide equestrians with a plethora of alternatives. The neighborhood is easily accessible and is surrounded by bridle routes.

A lot of these homes have a fair amount of land, so you can expect those homes to sell for over $1,000,000. Other homes are more affordable and can be purchased for around $700,000-$900,000.

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11. Wildcat Ridge

Wildcat Ridge Lone Tree

Wildcat Ridge is located between Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree, so depending on the location a house could technically be under either one of those cities. Greenbelt spaces have been incorporated into the design, and there are numerous trails for walking and biking. The elementary school is within walking distance of most of the houses. Wildcat Ridge is in Northern Douglas County, west of Interstate 25.

Wildcat Ridge is made up of approximately 900 large homes, most of which are above 3,000 square feet in size. Wildcat Ridge has a community pool and nature trails that are available to all of its members. Bluff’s Regional Park is a popular trail among locals, winding through surrounding settlements and into a rural terrain teeming with local species. The environment of the community is very friendly. This is an extremely well-maintained community.

The average price of a house in this neighborhood ranges from $600,000 to $900,000.

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History of Lone Tree, Colorado

Lone Tree began in 1981 as a small neighborhood with a Golf course built by Arnold Palmer. A decade later, when Douglas County experienced significant growth rising 100% between 1980 and 1990. Lone tree residents became concerned about the quality of construction and opted to incorporate it in 1996.

Some major facts about Lone Tree:

Lone Tree was formed in 1996 and at that time it had a population of 3000 people. But recently in 2019, the population was 12,923. The elevation of the town is 1,813 m.

The vision of the Town:

Lone Tree is a premier Colorado town with outstanding neighborhoods, active public areas, a stunning natural environment, and thriving businesses.

The mission of the Town:

The main mission of the town is to fulfill the community vision of Lone tree by doing things the right way, not just the expected way.

Value of the Town:

The people of the town are dedicated to achieving Excellency through integrity. 

So if you are thinking about shifting to the city of Lone Tree and looking for a good neighborhood then yes you are on the right site. Today we are going to explore the top 11 neighborhoods of Lone Tree. We hope that this list of Neighborhoods in Lone tree will help you to find the best place to live.

So, tell us in the comments which neighborhood you like the most. And we hope that after reading this article, you have chosen one for you. 

Best Places has some great information on where to live in Lone Tree.

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Landon Bellum is a REALTOR® and the Marketing Manager at MODestate. He helps people buy, sell, and invest in real estate throughout the Greater Denver and Colorado Springs areas. He also helps people find exceptional realtors throughout the United States to assist them with their real estate needs no matter where they are. Landon graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management - Marketing from BYU-Idaho with a minor in Latin American Languages. He is a competitive pickleball player and loves strategic board games that last 3+ hours. Landon is also fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

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